Dancing With the Stars - The Fans Speak
Last week Dancing With the Stars fans saw the last of Heather Mills, was it anticipated?  Who did you think should have danced their good bye set on Dancing With the stars.  What is your prediction for this weeks Dancing With the Stars ejection?  Here's a small sampling of what you've had to say.

Jackie McMullen said: I truly think that John R and his partner should have left because Heather Mills was better. John really doesn't move his feet as much as everybody else and that Heather hardly mess's up expect when she fell that one day. Also I hope Apollo goes all the way and win because I think thatb he and/or Ian are the best two couples and that Lalia goes because she should stick to boxing and stay away from dancing

Kayleetara said: Yeah, I wondered what was going on when Bergeron cut Mills off in the middle of her "good-bye" speech, and told her to "save it for another venue." Just running out of air time, or was there more to it than that? Hmmmmm... I think Laila's great. She's a hoot! (Nevada)

Michele said: The judges have all been tough and I think to much so. One thing they have to understand they are doing there best. I'm not sure how they pick the stars to dance but some may not have alot of dancing background. If I were the judges? They should back off some. Ian has done very good and they have been much to HARD on him and not so KIND. But then comes along John and Cyris and they PRAISE THEM SO. If I were the Judges be careful you may NOT have alot of Stars wanting to take the Challenge next year. This comment is so true, it's NOT AMERICAN IDOL, so they better remember that comment being said so much this year. I get the feeling because Cheryl has won twice? The judges are doing this to Ian for no repeat. I sure hope I am wrong but it's a feeling I have so strongly. This is a turn off, if Cheryl should win 3, well it's she's a good Dancer, Trainer and has so much personality that rubs off to the star she is dancing with, so why shouldn't she win? Think of that. Ian is doing wonderful. (Doylestown)

Jayne said: Billy Ray is a likable person, IMO. If I was voting, which I don't...I don't vote for any of the shows...I would vote for him. Also, he has the country music fan base and that counts for a lot, IMO! I was glad to see Mills go but that's because I think she's a gold digging snot and take Paul McCartney's side in regards to their divorce. I was hoping she'd be gone the first week and didn't feel an ounce of anything good for her prosthetic leg or no. (Oklahoma)

Debbie said: Billy Ray is a talented singer,songwriter and actor who has always given his all to his fans. He will sign autographs, take photos with fans and just hang out and talk. Billy Ray is the nicest man I've ever met. He adores his fans and we adore him. Meet him once and he'll remember your name and where he's met you before. His music is fantastic, too bad a lot of people never get to hear it. They sure are missing out. He is also a devoted husband and father. His family is the most important thing in his life. America loves Billy Ray because he is the real deal. (New York City)

So there you have it!  Some very positive sentiment out there for Billy Ray!  There is no doubt in my mind that he has a huge fan base and adding dancing to the list of his impressive talents doesn't seem like much of a reach, but he just doesn't have his heart and mind 100% on the competition.  What are your thoughts?

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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