Dancing with the Stars: Spotlight on Tom Delay and Cheryl Burke
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
In this series, we will study the 16 couples on Dancing with the Stars season 9 and predict who has the best chances for success, and who is doomed to humiliation.

Who is Tom Delay?
Tom Delay is a former House Majority Leader and an almost Republican stalwart. First elected to Congress in 1984, he helped in pushing Republicans to House leadership, first elected Majority Whip, then later Majority Leader. He was known for his aggressive method of party discipline, and not once did he lose a vote. Outside politics, he and his wife Christine also served as foster parents and founded a community for abused and neglected children in Texas. Currently, he is the president of a Washington-based political consulting firm.

Cheryl Burke's History
With two Dancing with the Stars wins under her belt, Cheryl Burke knows how it feels to rule the dance floor. She has appeared on the show seven times, and six times she has finished in the top five. She won season 2 with Drew Lachey and season 3 with Emmitt Smith.


My Prediction: Early Elimination
That being said, Cheryl Burke's demise may come in the form of the token old guy, which in this season is Tom Delay. Sure, he may shock us all and prove to be more nimble than his 62 years would have us suspect, but I wouldn't count on it. Although if all the Republican viewers of Dancing with the Stars would vote for him, that would be another story.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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