'Dancing with the Stars' Season 16: Can History Predict the Winner?
'Dancing with the Stars' Season 16: Can History Predict the Winner?
Ted Kindig
Ted Kindig
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Fans of Dancing with the Stars may have noticed that the recently announced line-up sounded a bit like... well, every other line-up. A soap actor, a football player, some singers, comedians, Olympians and a Disney kid--this describes nearly all of DWTS's sixteen seasons. One upside of the line-up predictability, however, is that there's a wealth of data to draw on for predicting this season's big players.

Looking at past winners, there's a good chance that this year's champion will be either a musician or an athlete--that makes perfect sense, given that dance is a combination of rhythmic and physical ability. Of the fifteen first place winners, four have some sort of musical experience, and six have been professional athletes. Of those athletes, three have been current or former NFL players, with another three retired football players coming in second: that bodes well for wide receiver Jacoby Jones, as he enters the sixteenth season with a recent Super Bowl championship under his belt.

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Olympians are nearly as successful on the show as football players, with three first place and two second place finishes. Gold medal figure skater Dorothy Hamill is in particularly good standing, as she's preceded by Olympic skaters and DWTS champions Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Anton Ohno. This season's other Olympian, gymnast Aly Raisman, can look to fellow gymnast and season eight champ Shawn Johnson for guidance.

For this season's two country singers, it's likely that they'll be around for at least a month or two: their forbearers Sara Evans, Chuck Wicks, and Billy Ray Cyrus finished 6th, 6th and 5th, respectively. Pickler has the added advantage of being paired with the show's most winning professional partner, three time champion Derek Hough.

On the other end of the spectrum, comedians Andy Dick and D.L. Hughley have very little precedent for success in the competition. Other than Kirstie Ally's second-place finish, actor-comedians tend to finish closer to tenth than first. Dick may get some sort of boost out of his musical tenure as lead singer of "Andy Dicks and the Bitches of the Century," but that's a long shot.

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With eleven contestants and ten weeks planned for the season, it seems likely that this year's crop will follow roughly the same path as every other year's. If you thought the initial line-up felt familiar, wait until you see the finalists.

Dancing with the Stars season 16 kicks off March 18 on ABC. To set a reminder, add DWTS to your personal watch-list on the free BuddyTV Guide app.

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