'Dancing with the Stars' Season 13 Finale: Could Rob Win It All?
'Dancing with the Stars' Season 13 Finale: Could Rob Win It All?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV

Short answer, yes. Rob Kardashian could very well win the Dancing with the Stars season 13 Mirror Ball.

Will he, though? That's a more complicated issue. While it is possible that Rob could have the scores and support to beat out J.R. Martinez and Ricki Lake, it's far from certain.

Why Rob Could Win
Rob Kardashian actually has quite a lot going for him in order to win Dancing with the Stars season 13. Scores, fame and momentum are all helping him out.

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Simply put, Rob Kardashian had the highest scores during the Monday night performances of the Dancing with the Stars finale. He tied with Ricki Lake in the first round of dances -- both managed straight 9s for scores of 27. This beat out J.R. Martinez and his 24 points for the first round.

In the second round, Rob's reign continued. His freestyle excited the judges to no end and earned Rob Kardashian his first perfect 30 of the season 13 competition. While J.R. also pulled a 30 at the end, Ricki only managed another 27.

The end of the night found Rob Kardashian in an unusual place: first. With a total of 57 points, Rob now holds a narrow lead over his competitors (who both stand at 54).

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Will these scores be enough? That depends on...

How much fan support does Rob Kardashian have in Dancing with the Stars? That may be the great mystery, going into tonight's DWTS results.

On the one hand, Rob has the Kardashian name and a bunch of famous sisters actively campaigning for him. They're hardly universally beloved, but the Kardashian family has a whole lot more resources than most when it comes to pulling in those votes.

On the other hand, Rob went into the finals as the dark horse. Early on in DWTS season 13, no one would have ever picked Rob as a potential finalist. His early dances ranged from laughable (in week 1) to forgettable. Thanks to some seriously poor dancing by other celebrities, however, Rob Kardashian held on long enough to improve. By the time fierce competition would have necessitated huge fan support to keep a low-scoring dancer, Rob didn't need it.

Does he have the votes? We'll find out tonight.

Everybody loves a rags-to-riches story. Or, in the case of Dancing with the Stars, a bad-dancing-to-good story. In almost every season, there is a dancer (or two) who starts slow but then builds momentum and talent by the finale. In Dancing with the Stars season 13, that dancer is Rob Kardashian.

Will voters turn to Rob just because they want to see this streak keep on going? Does Rob make the best story? Or will the viewers stick with J.R. and Ricki, the season-long front runners when it comes to finale voting?

Your guess is as good as mine. But you can't say things haven't gotten interesting in the Dancing with the Stars season 13 finals.

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Will Rob win the Mirror Ball? Will one of the others keep hold of the lead to edge Rob out? Did you ever expect to see Rob in the finals? Leave your comments below!

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