'Dancing with the Stars' Predictions: Who Won't Make it to the Finale?
'Dancing with the Stars' Predictions: Who Won't Make it to the Finale?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The Dancing with the Stars season 18 finale is one week away, but one couple won't get the opportunity to dance for the Mirror Ball Trophy.

It's the semifinals, and the pressure is on. The five remaining couples will each perform two individual dances for the first time all season in front of guest judge Kenny Ortega. Not only was Ortega the director/choreographer of the High School Musical films, but he was a choreographer on Xanadu, Dirty Dancing, has worked with musical artists like Madonna and Michael Jackson, and he's choreographed routines for the Olympics, Super Bowl and Oscars.

But his judgments won't affect the results, based on last week's performances and scores. The leaderboard was topsy-turvy thanks to some of the worst judging we've seen all season, doling out undeserved 10s to Charlie White, James Maslow and Amy Purdy while penalizing Meryl Davis.

Here's the leaderboard from last week, with a breakdown that corresponds to the percentage of viewer votes:

79 (21 percent): Amy Purdy
78 (20.7 percent): Charlie White
75 (19.9 percent): James Maslow
74 (19.7 percent): Candace Cameron Bure
70 (18.6 percent): Meryl Davis

So who's going home?


Amy Purdy, despite the objections of many of us fans who think sitting on a stool for 20 seconds isn't that impressive, is being handed a victory on a silver platter by the judges, who continue to give her incredibly generous scores because of how inspirational she is and how impressive Derek Hough's choreography is. Charlie White should also be safe thanks to solid scores and a generally likeable demeanor.


James Maslow might be in the middle of the leaderboard, but without a clear hook aside from his general hotness and talent, he could be in danger. Young-skewing celebrities rarely do well and the fact that he didn't show off his abs last week could hurt his votes.

Candace Cameron Bure has a low score, but she's proven time and time again that it doesn't matter. She has the conservative, religious vote locked down with her mommy morality and could sneak into the finale just like Bristol Palin did, riding the same wave of support.

Finally there's Meryl Davis, the woman who has been at the top of the leaderboard for most of the season and who is now at the bottom by a considerable margin. Has she earned enough support for her season's worth of incredible routines (and from Maks' fans) to keep her around?


I predict that James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd will be eliminated. It hurts me to write this because he and Danica McKellar were my two favorites, but I think he doesn't have the same support as the other finalists. Charlie and Meryl are still riding high on the Olympics and their incredible talent, Candace has the religious mom vote and Amy gets the sympathy vote. James is simply a hot, young guy, but that probably won't be enough to save him, especially since, as I wrote, he didn't go shirtless last week, which is his silver bullet.

On the bright side, James will be dancing the Cha-Cha-Cha and Rumba in the semifinals, which should provide plenty of excuses for him to get sexy with Peta on the dance floor. If he does go home, at least it will be with a bang.

Dancing with the Stars airs Monday at 8pm on ABC.

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