'Dancing with the Stars' News Roundup: Girlfriends, Husbands and Daughters
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Mark Ballas Has a Girlfriend!

No, it's not Bristol.

Mark Ballas, the energetic partner of Bristol Palin for season 11 of Dancing with the Stars, appears to have a girlfriend. The lady in question is a dancer as well - Jeanine Mason, the season-5 winner of So You Think You Can Dance. According to TooFab, the couple went on their very first date Thursday night (October 7) in Beverly Hills.

While it's obviously way too early for wedding bells, reports claim that the date went well. No word on whether the pair danced the night away.

Producers Wanted Todd Palin for DWTS
During a speech in Houston on Tuesday, Sarah Palin revealed that Bristol was not the only Palin invited to Dancing with the Stars. Bristol Palin has made it through to week 4 of the season, but could her father have joined her on the dance floor?

Sarah Palin claimed, "They wanted Todd to be on the show." Palin did not divulge any information about exactly why her husband did not want to dance, nor did she mention whether Bristol was invited to DWTS before or after Todd.

Whatever the case, it's Bristol who has taken to the dance floor, putting in three solid performances so far. And it's probably for the best. After all, what would producers have come up with to introduce Todd Palin each week? Former First Husband of Alaska? Mr. Sarah Palin?

No Meghan McCain on Future DWTS Seasons
Sorry political celebrity aficionados - don't expect another politician's daughter on Dancing with the Stars any time soon. The next-most prominent daughter du jour, Meghan McCain, has told Zap2It that she has no intention of taking up the quest for the Mirror Ball.

McCain certainly does seem an unlikely contestant for DWTS. She does not watch the show, preferring HBO and the news (guess she's one of those intellectual-types). Also, McCain doesn't dance, claiming: "It takes a lot of tequila to get me dancing." That method, while having the potential for extreme entertainment, probably would not work out well on Dancing with the Stars.

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