'Dancing with the Stars' News Roundup: Tears, Partners and Unlikely Support
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Jennifer's Tears Are OK: Patrick Swayze's widow is just fine with Jennifer Grey's high emotion during Dancing with the Stars rehearsals and performance. Lisa Niemi, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, reacted to Jennifer Grey's Patrick Swayze evocations, voicing continued support for her late husband's one-time co-star.

During her rehearsals and live performance on Dancing with the Stars, Jennifer Grey showed high emotions when confronted with memories of Patrick Swayze. Grey's dance number was set to Otis Reddings' "These Arms of Mine," a song featured on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Rehearsal footage showed the actress visibly breaking down due to Swayze memories. And Grey had earlier revealed that her Dirty Dancing co-star was her inspiration in signing on to DWTS in the first place.

Does all this bother Niemi? No, she's cool with it. Niemi and Grey were in e-mail contact about Swayze even before the season 11 premiere of Dancing with the Stars, and Swayze's widow has reiterated her support after Grey's winning performance. With regard to the emotions expressed, Niemi said, "I think her feelings are very true and at the same time, I think she's going to win!"

Tony Dovolani Is Much Happier This Year: Dovolani and Audrina Patridge gave a couple of interviews, talking about their surprisingly good performance during the **Dancing with the Stars premiere. Although the pair did spend some brief time assessing their competition, Dovolani's partnerships - past and present - were a stronger focus.

The interview aired on the KTLA Morning Show. Both Dovolani and Patridge seemed very pleased with their performance and ready to give it their all next week. Dovolani spared no praise for his celebrity partner, who seemed excited to keep going as long as she can. When asked to recall his previous partner, Kate Gosselin, on the other hand, Tony Dovolani merely replied, "Oh God..."

Bristol Palin Has a New Cheerleader: Bristol Palin has received some unlikely support - from Kelly Osbourne. Osbourne spoke about the Dancing with the Stars contestant on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, saying she had "a real soft spot for Bristol Palin."

Kelly Osbourne was a standout during season 9 of Dancing with the Stars, falling only to Donny Osmond in the finale. Although Osbourne and Palin bear little resemblance when it comes to lifestyle, wardrobe choices and family background, both did come to prominence via somewhat sensational parents.

Osbourne also pointed out that Palin was without visible family support in the theater during the DWTS season 11 premiere, a situation that Osbourne thought added to the night's difficulty. When asked if the presence of an extremely famous family member like, say, Sarah Palin, might distract the fans and judges from the performance, Kelly Osbourne disagreed: "Anything not to have them look at me. Look at my mom!"

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