'Dancing with the Stars' News Roundup: Maks Calls Pants-less Jake 'Desperate'
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Movie night on Dancing with the Stars left a lot of fans satisfied, mainly because Jake Pavelka went pants-less for a few seconds and Nicole Scherzinger showed everyone who's the real one to beat on the show. Oh, and because Kate Gosselin got the boot.

But before we go to the news bit about Maksim Chmerkovskiy dissing Jake Pavelka, weigh in on why America is not showing Pamela Anderson the love she so deserves and check out Kate Gosselin's not exactly popular journey on Dancing with the Stars.

How's everyone doing? Here's a status report of who's dancing what, and then some:

Now for the news bits:

Running the table. The highlight of Pam Anderson's valiant Dolly Parton effort this week was dancing on the table. Cover your ears, Len Goodman, because Pam says she loved it! She talks about the dance more here.

Can those legs get skinnier? Erin Andrews says she's starting to lose her butt and boobs with the crazy rehearsal schedule. That's what happens, she adds, when you try to keep up with one Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Desperate move. We know he's joking (right?), but when Maks calls Jake Pavelka "desperate" for his "risky" pants-less intro, we think the Bachelor viewers cannot help but at least nod. More seriously, Maks backtracks and says he doesn't blame him. Landing on the bottom two can make you do things.

A brief guy. On a related, well, item, Jake reveals that while he's "a brief guy," he does go commando at times. What useful information.

In it to win it. Convinced that it's a Nicole versus Evan show? Also jiggling stuff Monday was Niecy Nash, who says she thinks she can go all the way. Clearly, someone didn't see Nicole and Derek's tango.

Dancing for the big girls. Finally, The View's Sherri Shepherd to Niecy: "Every time you do the rumba, my jiggly parts are moving with you." Hmm, we're not sure if we want a visual on that.

Watch out for next week's Kate Gosselin-free DWTS! Now the competition can really begin.

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