'Dancing with the Stars' News Roundup: Which Judge Called Kate Crap?
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
It's movie night next week on Dancing with the Stars, and if the hilarious sneak peeks from the results show didn't excite you, we have the roundup on the latest Dancing with the Stars news to get you more interested.

This week: a contestant's bringing back the jokes, another explains an awkward incident, another denies kissing her partner, and find out which Dancing with the Stars judge called Kate Gosselin "crap" - and no, "You went through the motions like a Stepford wife" doesn't count.

But first, a status report on how the stars and the pros are faring, on and off the dance floor:

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Now for the news bits.

Enough drama. "I'm going back to cheeseburgers and jokes!" says Niecy Nash. After an emotional waltz and a "spiritual" rumba, look out for the comedienne to bring back the funnies next week on Dancing with the Stars.

Motorboating Edyta. Speaking of funny, eliminated contestant Aiden Turner has finally explained the whole motorboat incident on Monday's show by saying he was aiming for the neck but got partner Edyta Sliwinska's barely covered girls instead. "I apologize," he told TMZ. "I'm a Catholic boy."

No smooch. Erin Andrews is also in denial, this time in reference to the onscreen liplock with partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy on week 2. Nicole Scherzinger, who says the kiss looked "real" and "scrum-diddly-umptious," was not so convinced. Frankly, neither are we.

Robbed. Back to Aiden. The soap star didn't mince words on Good Morning America. Not only did he feel "robbed" regarding his early exit, he's dismayed that DWTS producers chose to highlight an isolated argument during rehearsal - "10 minutes out of the hours and hours of rehearsal," says Sliwinska.

Disaster movie: Kate Gosselin. Finally, count on Bruno Tonioli to say it: "Kate is pretty dreadful. She's crap. But in a nice way," he said on Lopez Tonight last week. "People like disaster movies. We've got our own disaster movie there everyday.  2012 is nothing compared to the catastrophe she produces."

Next week: the couples dance to songs from iconic movies.

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