'Dancing with the Stars' News Roundup: Brooke's Baby Joke, Erin Talks Romance Rumors
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Next Monday, the remaining ten Dancing with the Stars couples will take the floor with waltz, paso doble and quickstep routines that will each tell a story.

One of which (guess who!) will tell a story we know all too well.

Wanna know how the other stars are faring with their new routines? Plus: why is Brooke Burke spreading her own false pregnancy rumor? And are Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy dating?

It's all here, and then some, in this week's Dancing with the Stars news roundup:

Status Report: How are the Stars Dealing with Their New Dances?
  • Maybe Aiden Turner's dance should be renamed the "hopstep"?
  • And judging from this photo from Nicole Scherzinger, the quickstep isn't giving her twinkle toes just yet.

Len's Vocabulary Lesson of the Day: In your face, Len-doubters: "titivate" is a word, and it means exactly what he said it means. Try using it in a sentence today. Example: "I just titivated myself about the meaning of titivate."

No Bun in the Oven for Brooke: It's April Fools' Day, and Brooke Burke pulled a fast one on those trigger-happy gossip bloggers who ran with a false story that she's pregnant. She finally had to dispel the rumor when her own mother called to get the scoop!

Look How the Tables Have Turned: Maksim Chmerkovskiy tweeted this photo of partner Erin Andrews out-paparazzi-ing the paps, saying, "They didn't know if they should start posing."

Dancing with the Stars ... On Ice? Evan Lysacek is a busy boy: dancing on DWTS Mondays and Tuesdays in L.A., and then flying to Fort Meyers for Stars on Ice Wednesday through Saturday! The only thing more busy than this Olympic champ these days? His new Twitter background.

Romance Rumors Put to Rest: Erin Andrews claims she and Maks aren't together; they just spend 24 hours a day together. And Nicole Scherzinger calls Derek Hough a 'little brother,' not a little lover. How about Cheryl Burke and Chad Ochocinco? All that on-screen flirting has led to no such denial from these two. Instead, Cheryl gives Chad more rave reviews, writing in her US Weekly blog, "Luckily, every day working with Chad is hilarious! He always makes me smile and laugh."

Tomorrow is Aiden Turner's birthday! Now go wish our new blogger a happy birthday, please, because more likely than not he'll spend most of the day being bossed around by Edyta Sliwinka.

"Who the F*** Voted for Kate Gosselin?" If you found yourself asking that question on Tuesday night, check out executive producer Conrad Green's explanation to E! Online. And no, he didn't rig the votes to help his ratings. But speaking of which ... 

Battle of the Big Shows: It's a heated ratings war between competing reality titans American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, says AOL, which might explain Simon's sly slam against the Dancing band last week. Does that mean Abbey Simmons and I need to duke it out as well? But we're BUDDIES(TV)!

We're Not Fooling: Finally, we researched the origins of five favorite dances from Dancing with the Stars, some of which are even stranger than fiction. Did you know Lindy Hop and Foxtrot are both named after people?

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