'Dancing with the Stars' News: Kelly Osbourne's Choice and a Potential Contestant
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
As we inch our way toward the semi-finals of this season's Dancing with the Stars, predictions begin to run rampant in the media. This week we have both season 11-winner predictions and predictions for next season's casting.

Kelly Osbourne Makes a Choice
Osbourne, a season 9 contestant on DWTS, went on Friday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show to chat about life and Dancing with the Stars. Of course, she had to weigh in on her favorites for this season. Sorry Brandy and Kyle -- Kelly has no love for you!

Although Kelly was convinced that actress Jennifer Grey would make it to the finals (shocker!), her dark-horse vote was for Bristol Palin. Not that this is a surprise to anyone who's kept up on DWTS media lately -- Kelly Osbourne has been quite outspoken in her support for Bristol throughout the season. Now that Bristol is poised to waltz (or rumba or tango or whatever) into the semi-finals, Kelly's support has only increased.

She even thinks Bristol Palin could win the whole thing, telling Ellen, "As for the winner, I really feel like Bristol is going to give everyone a run for his or her money."

Could Kelly be right? Is it possible that Bristol could beat out dancers with much higher judges' scores? If the past few weeks are any judge, then yes. That is a definite possibility.

A Possible Contestant and a Possible Controversy
On his KISS-FM radio show, Ryan Seacrest informed Portia de Rossi that she was at the top of the DWTS producers' list for season 12 of Dancing with the Stars. Seacrest expected de Rossi to turn down the offer right away, but the Arrested Development and Better Off Ted actress said she would consider it.

No scandal yet, but that may not last. Since Israel's version of Dancing with the Stars will soon feature a same-sex dance couple, questions are now surfacing about whether the American version could do the same. And Portia de Rossi, who is married to Ellen DeGeneres, seems to be the rumored pick for any innovation in that direction.

Will it actually happen? No idea, but there is some definite support from the judges' table. Carrie Ann Inaba told People: "I would love it. I fully support that, and I think America is ready for that. Our country is much more accepting of same-sex couples, and it would be great for the show to reflect that."

Carrie Ann's opinion aside, it's tough to say whether a same-sex couple would offend DWTS viewers on either moral or aesthetic grounds. But it would sure be interesting.

What do you think? Is Bristol going to win it all? Do you agree with Kelly Osbourne? And what's your opinion on having a DWTS same-sex couple? Let us know in the comments!

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