'Dancing with the Stars' Live Results: Who Will Make It to the Finals?
'Dancing with the Stars' Live Results: Who Will Make It to the Finals?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
We've made it to the penultimate Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show, and it's anybody's guess as to who will be dancing in next week's finals. The last four couples standing all have had consistent performances throughout the season, and all stand a good chance of making it to the end.

So who will it be?

Who did you pick for elimination?
In such a close season, we haven't always been right about the eliminated contestant. But that's OK. It happens. It could very well happen again tonight. Maybe.

What are the predictions? According to our Readers' Poll at BuddyTV, a whopping 74% picked Ralph Macchio as the most likely to be eliminated. A sizeable minority (31%) went with Kirstie Alley as the doomed dancer, while only 7% picked Chelsea. Hines, of course, got no votes.

The numbers could be right. They could be wrong. Only the Results Show knows...

Did you miss anything?
Well, thanks to an intermittent Internet connection last night, I did too. It happens. But if it did, at least we have the Semi-Finals Recap and Performance Rankings to help out. They at least give a hint as to what went on in the ninth week of Dancing with the Stars competition.

In brief, the semi-finals standings are as follows:

  • Chelsea and Mark: 73 points (thanks to the cha-cha win)
  • Hines and Kym: 60 points
  • Kirstie and Maks: 54 points
  • Ralph and Karina: 48 points
It's pretty close. Will it be close enough for an upset though?

The live Results Show!
More or less, anyway. They're filling the first hour with some retro nonsense and then getting on to the important business of giving us results. I'll let you know if there's anything of note before 9pm (EDT).

It sounds like this first hour will have a lot about freestyles, past and future. The first returning star to wax poetic on the freestyle is Warren Sapp.

Followed by Donny Osmond. Greatest show on television? Seriously, Donny? Seriously?

And Apolo Anton Ohno...

And of course Brooke Burke... (I always forget that she competed on this show.)

And all this is leading up to Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke re-performing their freestyle from season 2. Apparently, this is the best one ever.

I guess that's it. Results soon!

Now it's time for a preview of the freestyle dances. Kind of sucks for the person who doesn't make it.

Hines and Kym are going to do something about being a band at a half-time show. "I am going to be the half-time show" (Hines) to some sort of Jackson 5 song.

Kirstie and Maks are going to do a lot of aerials (or not) and something about being perfect however they are.

Ralph and Karina are planning an old-school dance, some sort of movie-musical theme using music from Bandwagon.

Chelsea and Mark are going to "have fun" and probably be crazy.

That really wasn't a lot of details.

The final repeat dance before the finals will be... Chelsea and Mark, dancing their rumba. Which is excellent for me, since the evil Internet forbade such viewing last night.

The first RESULTS of the night are for Hines and Kym. And...

124225_7028_pre.jpgHines and Kym are SAFE to go to the finals!

Not much of a shocker to begin, I guess.

Off to the performances now, with Stevie Nicks performing some new single that I'd probably know if I listened to the correct radio stations on a regular basis. But I don't.

I have never heard a song called "Planet Pitt" by Pittbull. Even featuring Ne-Yo and ... ummm ... Someone else who's name I didn't catch. Apparently I need to go to clubs more often.

It's time for some more RESULTS, this time for Chelsea and Mark...

124225_6935_pre.jpgThe confirmed finalists get to talk about next week's dances. Hines will be doing the quickstep, and Chelsea will be doing the samba. Also, Hines is terrible at being mean.

And Chelsea and Mark are SAFE for the finals!

It's time for an inspirational-story interlude, this time it's a young dancer with a horrifying immunodeficiency disease. That's kind of really depressing. At least dancing makes her happy.

Also, she's pretty good.

More Stevie Nicks now. At least I know "Landslide." I was feeling awfully musically-deficient this evening.

124225_6448_pre.jpgIt's finally time for the final RESULTS of the night. Will it be Kirstie or Ralph who goes home?

Kirstie and Maks are SAFE!

Which means Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff have been eliminated!
124225_6347_pre.jpgHe still seems happy and nice. Not a shocker there. I think he's managed to thank the entire population of the nation in that final speech. Awww... Bye Ralph!

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Did the right couple get eliminated? Are you excited about the stars making it into the finals? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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