'Dancing with the Stars' Live Results: Instant Success or Failure
'Dancing with the Stars' Live Results: Instant Success or Failure
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This season's Instant Dances have come and gone. And, alas, one of the season 12 stars will have to follow suit tonight. Which Dancing with the Stars celebrity will it be? Unfortunately, the results don't arrive quite as quickly as that choreography did.

But the results will come, and we'll be here to get them all. So let's get to it!

Who did you pick for elimination?
With only five pairs remaining in this season's Dancing with the Stars competition, it's getting harder and harder to choose who to eliminate. Should we bow under the pressure? Are we incapable of predictions once it gets difficult? Do we have no clue?

The answer is no to the first two questions anyway. We'll see about the third.

In the meantime, let's check out what you, the BuddyTV readers, thought. According to our super-scientific BuddyTV Readers' Poll, 39% of you think that Ralph and his injured knee are going home. Not much of a "lead" there, is it?

Following closely behind in our elimination race are Romeo (23%) and Kirstie (22%). Basically, this means that just about anyone could go home.

Did you miss anything?
We can't have that!

And that's why Internet content doesn't disappear after 12 hours. Instead, it remains to bring you the Week 8 Recap and Performance Rankings. Isn't it great?

But maybe you aren't industrious enough to click on our links. That's OK. We'll accept you anyway. You get less detail though in our brief list of scores from last night's dances:

  • Chelsea and Mark: 55 points
  • Hines and Kym: 54 points
  • Kirstie and Maks: 53 points
  • Romeo and Chelsie: 52 points
  • Ralph and Karina: 46 points
Those scores are awfully close. Which means that absolutely everyone is in danger tonight. How much danger? We get to find out in...

The live Results Show!
I skipped the rehash of past musical guests tonight. I hope that's OK. There wasn't anything new anyway. But now it's time for results! Also, new musical guests and DanceCenter!

Now that it's time to start the new stuff, of course we'll begin with the repeat-dance from last night: Kirstie and Maks' tango. Nice dance, but I still hate that music.

Hey, we get RESULTS right away!

Hines and Kym and Kirstie and Maks are up first. Before last night's Instant Dances, Hines apparently wore a wig, and Kirstie got kicked onto the ground while breathing heavily.

124221_3721_pre.jpgHines and Kym are SAFE!

(Really, was there any question?)

Kirstie and Maks are also SAFE!

124221_4057_pre.jpgWait, that means no more results for the next 45 minutes, doesn't it? Sigh. Oh well, at least we have DanceCenter to entertain us in the meantime.

Ooh! We get to see footage from Maks on the Ukrainian Bachelor! Also, a sex pot and stick.

Michael Bolton and Delta Gudrun are singing. It's all very easy-listening at Dancing with the Stars right now.

Since we can't actually have any results for at least 20 minutes, it's time for inspirational dance stories now. This week, we have three brothers whose father died, and now they all dance together. They're pretty good.

Delta Gudrun is singing again. Should I know who she is? Oh who cares, more DanceCenter!

Adele is singing now. This is her new single. Also dancing.

OK. It's almost time for more RESULTS! Finally.

Ralph and Karina are still in jeopardy. (Because they're being mean and doing it that way.)

124221_4235_pre.jpgRomeo and Chelsie are also in jeopardy.

Chelsea and Mark, however, are SAFE!

124221_3931_pre.jpgRalph and Karina are SAFE!

Which means that Romeo and Chelsie have been eliminated!

124221_3884_pre.jpgAs we learned back with The Karate Kid, it takes more than a hurt leg to keep Ralph Macchio down. At least Romeo had time for one last movie plug.

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Was Romeo the right choice for elimination? Did you expect it would be Romeo or Ralph? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

Want more Dancing with the Stars info? Check out our DWTS Insider page on Facebook.

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