'Dancing with the Stars' Live Results: The Sad Violins of Elimination
'Dancing with the Stars' Live Results: The Sad Violins of Elimination
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The music swells. The tympanis beat out an ominous sound. A lone bassoon plays an eerie tune. The sounds of elimination fill the air!

They are all but harbingers of the necessity that is the week 4 eliminations on Dancing with the Stars. No matter how much work went into understanding that complicated "classical" music (no lyrics?!), one of the celebrities will be making a final exit from DWTS tonight.

Who will it be? Let's find out...

Who did you pick for elimination?
As has so often been the case amongst the readers of BuddyTV, there was great consensus on the most likely loser this week. A whopping 70% of those who voted in our readers' poll chose Kendra Wilkinson and Louis Van Amstel as the pair to go.

A sizable minority also had it in for Sugar Ray Leonard and Anna Trebunskaya, who were the elimination pick for 24% of voters. Meanwhile, Romeo and Chelsie Hightower, and Petra Nemcova and Dmitry Chaplin received 3% apiece of the elimination votes.

Are we correct? Is Kendra doomed?

Did you miss anything?
While I can't recreate the melodious sounds of the orchestra with words (I try, but I am doubtful of much success), I can remind you of what has gone past. Check out the Week 4 Recap and Performance Rankings to get the basic, non-musical gist of it all.

Quickly though, Chelsea and Mark waltzed their way to the highest score of the night (26 points), despite the expected criticism from Len. They were closely followed by Hines and Kym and Ralph and Karina -- both teams scored 25 points. Despite a shoe malfunction from Kirstie, Kendra and Tony ended up at the bottom, with only 18 points for their dance.

It's still close. Anyone could take it all. So let's find out who it could be during...

The live Results Show!

A classical version of "Walk This Way" to begin? Is that what that was? Wasn't expecting anything like that. Way to surprise me, DWTS!

Well that was weird.

Moving on to the slightly-less-weird RESULTS! portion of the show. The leaders get to hear their results first, which I suppose is fair and a good method for getting the obvious ones out of the way. So...

RalphElim4.jpgRalph and Karina are SAFE!

HinesElim4.jpgHines and Kym are SAFE!

This leaves Chelsea and Mark still in jeopardy, despite that whole highest-points thing. I'm guessing it's a ploy to increase the tension. Or something like that. Meanwhile, they get to repeat their dance. I suppose that's a consolation prize, somehow.

Ummm... What is Patriot's Day? Is that a thing? Or just an excuse for another theme week? Either way, they're doing dances to patriotic songs next week. Do they all have to be American patriotic songs? Because there are an awful lot of foreigners heading out to dance...

Anyway, it's time for Jennifer Hudson to sing. And it's time for Karina and Louis to dance to Jennifer Hudson's singing. Her dress is ... interesting? Also, purple.

Oh, Brooke... According to Wikipedia, the quickstep is English, not American. Just saying.

It's almost time for more RESULTS! It's the middle-three this time.

ChrisElim4.jpgChris and Cheryl are SAFE!

Romeo and Chelsie are SAFE!

RomeoElim4.jpgPetra and Dmitry, however, remain in jeopardy...

The final three couples (the ones in the bottom) are hanging out backstage with Brooke, where Kendra has the grace to tell us why she thinks last night wasn't so great. I guess dancing is hard at that time of the month.

Ballerinas dancing now. They're really embracing this whole "classical" thing, aren't they? Ah, the Dancing with the Stars salute to Black Swan...

And more Jennifer Hudson. I'm sure we'll get to results again. Eventually. Maybe.

KirstieElim4.jpgOMG! RESULTS! Finally!

KendraElim4.jpgKirstie and Maks are SAFE!

Kendra and Louis are SAFE!

Wait, what? What!? Oh my. This just got interesting.

With Kendra and Louis safe, I have no idea who's getting eliminated. Sugar Ray? Petra? Top-of-the-heap Chelsea? I have no clue at this point.

Ummm... Only a couple of minutes left in the hour. They're really drawing this out tonight. I guess it's a good way to milk us for all the ratings they can get.

PetraElim4.jpgAnyway, it's time for the final RESULTS of the night!

Petra and Dmitry are SAFE!

ChelseaElim4.jpgChelsea and Mark are SAFE! (No crazy upset tonight.)

Sugar Ray Leonard and Anna Trebunskaya have been ELIMINATED!!!

I blame Anna's crazy princess dress. Also, I suppose I blame the lackluster dancing. Oh well. Bye Sugar Ray!

SugarRayElim4.jpgWant more Dancing with the Stars info? Check out our DWTS Insider page on Facebook.

Did the right couple go home? Were you surprised that it was Sugar Ray? Who do you think is voting for Kendra? Let us know your thoughts and opinions below!

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