'Dancing with the Stars' Live Results: First Eliminations!
'Dancing with the Stars' Live Results: First Eliminations!
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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When is it time to let someone go?

The time, alas, is now. Tonight, we will have the first elimination for season 12 of Dancing with the Stars. The stars have all gotten a good chance to show their stuff with two weeks of performances already complete but one of them must go. Who will it be? We'll know before the hour is up!

Who did you pick for elimination?
While we have to wait to find out who the judges and the entirety of the TV audience picked, the BuddyTV readers have already spoken. Who did you expect to leave?

According to our readers' poll, Mike Catherwood is the overwhelming choice for elimination, having received 62% of the BuddyTV vote. Wendy Williams is trailing behind a little, only receiving 29% of the elimination picks. Sugar Ray Leonard, Romeo and Ralph Macchio each had 3% of the voters picking them for elimination.

Will we be right?

Did you miss anything?
It's OK if you did, because we have our live recaps of Week 1 and Week 2! All of the scores, commentary and judges' remarks you could want are right there.

While Ralph and Karina got a win in the first week with their foxtrot, the leading position was taken by Chris, Romeo and Hines in week 2. Still, Ralph remains at the top of the leader board, only one point ahead of Hines. Down at the bottom of the pack, Mike and Lacey had the unfortunate distinction of remaining at the bottom over the two weeks of dancing. Wendy and Tony fared only a little better.

But what will this mean when we get to Dancing with the Stars: The Results Show? That will all depend on how the audience.

So let's get to...

The live Results Show!

Which seems to be starting with sexy dancing from some of the professional dancers. Hey I recognize Cheryl's costume from last season!

But enough of that, it's time for RESULTS!!!

It's the athletes (Hines, Chris and Sugar Ray) up first and...


Hines and Kym are SAFE!!!


Chris and Cheryl are also SAFE!!!

Meanwhile, Sugar Ray and Anna remain in jeopardy.

"You weren't that surprised, were you?" - Tom

Enough with the results though, since it's time for the filler-musical act of the night. This would be Chris Brown and a whole pile of dancers. It's all very colorful. Granted, I'd care more if he started smashing stuff. Don't think it's going to happen though. Unless Tom Bergeron really does grill the singer about that whole Good Morning America thing.

Now we're back to the RESULTS!!!

It's the actors (Kirstie, Ralph and Chelsea) this time. And...


Ralph and Karina are SAFE!!!


Kirstie and Maks are SAFE!!!

Chelsea and Mark are SAFE!!!

That's a lot of safety.

Back from the commercials, we get to meet the new Dancing with the Stars Dance Troupe. Are they going to get celebrity partners in later seasons? Or is this just a way to give the pro dancers a rest on Results night? No clue, but they seem like nice people. Also, good dancers, which isn't much of a surprise.

But now it's time for even more RESULTS!!!

This time it's Romeo and Mike in the hot seat. Or is that hot spotlight? Whatever. They're getting results.


Romeo and Chelsie are SAFE!!!

Leaving Mike and Lacey in jeopardy. That's no shocker.

Chris Brown is singing again. And there's actually some pretty cool Tron-like costuming going on with the dancers in this one. Still I think I like the wedding-video version of this song the best.

But it's not about Chris Brown songs, is it? It's about results. Which we won't get until after some more commercials. Typical.

Now it's time for the final three women to get some RESULTS!!!


Kendra and Louis are SAFE!!!


Petra and Dmitry are also SAFE!!!

Which leaves Wendy and Tony left in jeopardy. Again, not much of a shock.

Final RESULTS now!



Wendy and Tony are SAFE!!!


Sugar Ray and Anna are SAFE!!!

Which means that Mike and Lacey have been eliminated!


Aw ... so sad. But not wholly unexpected. Too bad the pretty, pretty boy couldn't dance. Oh well. At least they got to have a ridiculous final dance.

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Was Mike the right choice for the first elimination? Did you expect someone else to go? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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