'Dancing with the Stars' Movie Night Recap: Eight Legged Freaks
'Dancing with the Stars' Movie Night Recap: Eight Legged Freaks
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's movie night on Dancing with the Stars, so I thought it fitting to pick a movie title as my headline, and one that reflects what we're about to see in tonight's performance show: the eight remaining stars, many of whom are quite long-legged (and love to show it off, ahem, Erin Andrews), are about to get freaky out on the dance floor with an assortment of jives, quicksteps, cha-chas, tangos, foxtrots and rumbas, all inspired by iconic films.

Can't wait? Find out who's dancing what tonight!

So before I get nasty comments: no, I am not calling any of your beloved stars "freaks," and none of them have eight legs ... although, coincidentally, Kate Gosselin has eight kids and about as many lives (when it comes to DWTS eliminations). And I think that Chad Ochocinco and Pamela Anderson have both proven that getting freaky is one of their specialties. Wink, wink.

Dancing Discussion: Weigh in Now!
As we all watch the movie-inspired dances and cast our votes, make your voice heard: which Dancing star has the most staying power this week, and who should be packing their bags?

Now, to the dancing! Grab your popcorn and get ready for Movie Night, Dancing with the Stars-style.

niecy-louis-dwtsweek5.jpgNiecy & Louis
Dancing: jive
Movie: La Bamba (title song)

Judges Say: "You got your personality into the dance, which was great. The jive is very sharp, and occassionally it was little soft, and there should have been more bounce in your feet." - Len
"There was so much going on on the upper decks, it was difficult to look at anything else. It has to be accurate and precise. It did lack the necessary sharpness for this stage in the competition." - Bruno
"You are the shimmy queen!" - Carrie Ann

I Say: Fun, bright and full of movement, just like Niecy's yellow, fringed, boobalicious leotard! These two were so vivacious that Louis lost his own footing a bit, but what this dance lacked in sharpness it made up for with personality. Dancing is about having fun, and Niecy just knows how to spread the joy.

Scores: 6+6+6=18

chad-cheryl-dwtsweek5.jpgChad & Cheryl
Dancing: quickstep
Movie: Jungle Book ("Bear Necessities")

Judges Say: "It was a little bit too wild. You went for the energy and lost the control. Your hold was terrible." - Bruno
"It was strange. It's very uneven. What was lacking the most that stood out was the body contact." - Carrie Ann
"It was bright and lively. Your posture has improved. Overall you did your best, overall it was a pretty good job." - Len

I Say: Chad has a naturally quick foot and tall carriage, but the dance got away from him just a bit in the details. Inconsistent, yes, but still enjoyable to watch.

Scores: 6+6+6=18

maks-erin-dwtsweek5.jpgErin & Maksim
Dancing: jive
Movie: Pulp Fiction ("You Never Can Tell")

Judges Say: "I liked it. You delivered the story. You seemed a little fast, ahead of Maks, anticipating everything." - Carrie Ann
"It was a tough routine, you coped with that very well. It got a little hectic, but overall you did a really good job." - Len
"Erin, you got that Uma-magic just right, mama, don't worry. I counted all the way through, this is your best timing ever. A breakthrough." - Bruno

I Say: This was a complicated jive full of story, kicks and even the splits! Erin held her own with Maks-YUM, but Carrie was right to call out her overzealous ankles, which were working overtime to keep up with this speedy routine. Just an issue of complexity, not lack of talent, I'd say--another week to practice and I think she would have had it down pat.

Scores: 7+7+8=22

jake-chelsie-dwtsweek5.jpgJake & Chelsie
Dancing: cha-cha
Movie: Risky Business
("Old Time Rock 'n' Roll")

Judges Say: "You come out 100%, you give it your all, you full-on try. It was fun, it was a pity you messed up. There was just that little incident. But great fun." - Len
"You cheeky bugger, why did you put your pants on? Your energy was incredible. There's got to be a day when you don't go wrong. Cheeky, funny, great cha-cha." - Bruno
"You got the guts, so you better enjoy the glory. I loved that dance!" - Carrie Ann

I Say: Unlike Bruno, I'm actually glad that Jake put those pants on! (Those white thighs, those tighty whities ... awkward.) And I'm also glad that I'm finding myself slowly, slooowly, coming around to enjoying his performances. He's becoming more natural and relaxed--before, his energy felt forced, but tonight it was good, not-so-clean-but-that's-okay fun. Well deserved high scores for performance and bravery. Now, to work on: precision.

Scores: 8+7+8=23

pam-damian-dwtsweek5.jpgPamela & Damian
Dancing: quickstep
Movie: Nine to Five (title song)

Judges Say: "Your characterization is always spot-on. The dancing was good as well. Posture was good, precise. A little bit more movement." - Bruno
"Your grace is great. Characterization is amazing. Your hold was a little loosey goosey." - Carrie Ann
"I can't stand 24 bars of just messing around. It's movie night but it's also Dancing with the Stars. The bit of dancing you did do, I liked. But all that, no thanks." - Len

Ha! Tom Bergeron: "And, by the way, that was Len from How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

I Say: Funnily enough ... I'm with Len! Pam and Damian were quickstepping up a storm, but we were robbed of some time thanks to their lengthy skit-like intro. Regardless, the dancing was lively and bouncy, and I loved the part where they danced across the table and chairs. Pam definitely picked the right career field, because she's a born entertainer.  

Scores: 7+6+8=21

katetonydwtsweek5.jpgKate & Tony
Dancing: foxtrot
Movie: Breakfast Club ("Don't Forget About Me")

Judges Say: "There is some sort of grace that's developing. I see little itty bits of it. But it's kind of like the Charlie Brown teacher ... wommm, wommm, wommm." - Carrie Ann
"It wasn't really a dance, it was a stroll. It had an elegance about it. I did like the lack of props." - Len
"Darling, I think Tony could have had more life out of a frock on a coat hanger. You were just wafting around. Catatonic. It needs a post-mortem, not a critique." - Bruno

I Say: Well, Kate said she was alright with being the eternal underdog, and she made good on that concession. She was doing the moves, but I wish she had downed about five Red Bulls beforehand. The excuses for her lack of energy are wearing thin, and so are the judges, who are losing their patience for her lack of progress. I mean, what could be worse than hearing your dancing looks like this: Wommm, wommm, wommmm...

Scores: 5+5+5=15

nicole-derekdwtsweek5.jpgNicole & Derek
Dancing: tango
Movie: Pretty Woman (title song)

Judges Say: "That, for me, was your best dance. And the best dance of the season so far. Well done." - Len
"Two players at the top of their game, riding the fine line between love and hate, bursting with sexual tension. The PRIDE and the PASSION of the tango portrayed to PERFECTION." - Bruno
"You guys are ... SUPERSTARS! The lines were incredible. Every movement you could have taken a snapshot. Beautiful." - Carrie Ann

I Say: Wow. Woooooooooooow. WOW. Nicole's performances are so funny, because both her lovers and haters are vindicated every time. When she wows me like that, I'm both so pleased that she's on this show ... and further convinced that she's too talented to be on this show. Either way, let me repeat: WOW.

Scores: 10+9+10=29

evan-anna-dwtsweek5.jpgEvan & Anna
Dancing: rumba
Movie: Armageddon ("I Don't Want to Miss a Thing")

Judges Say: "There's a lyricism about it, like a ballet dancer, that is superb. This is like picking at a diamond. Superb." - Bruno
"Really tender sophistication. The movement was generating the emotion. The lines, there's a strength, and the hip action was very fluid." - Carrie Ann
"It had artistry, musicality, wonderful fluidity. Great job." - Len

I Say: Evan's dancing is so impressive in its elegant lines and artistic finesse ... even more so when we see that half the week he's practicing his figure skating! This was an emotionally evocation routine, despite the fact that this song has been trampled to death under a giant cliched cheese-ball. And for that, Evan earns even more bonus points from me!

Scores: 9+9+9=27

Well, that's it for Week 5 performances. What did you think of "Movie Night"? In Ebert-speak, I give it ... one and a half thumbs up! Mostly great dancing, accompanied by mostly played-out songs given a fresh twist. And one almost-perfect score! Leave it to Len to throw a wrench into the mix--but mark my words, Nicole and Derek will earn a 10 from him before they leave the show. I'm willing to bet Jake Pavelka's pants on it!

Once again, Evan and Nicole take the top two spots on the leader board, with Kate, the "eternal underdog," keeping her place firmly at the bottom. Don't forget to make your voice heard in our discussion of tonight's performances--your thoughts on the best and worst will determine our Week 5 Power Rankings.

Make those Dancing with the Stars Fantasy TV picks by noon tomorrow, and be sure to join me tomorrow night when we find out who will be part of the DWTS Season 10 Magnificent Seven, and who will find out they're Homeward Bound. See you then!