'Dancing with the Stars' Recap: Doing the Jive to Stay Alive
'Dancing with the Stars' Recap: Doing the Jive to Stay Alive
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Tonight, it really starts.

Last week the 11 stars and their pro partners took the floor with their first dances, Viennese waltzes and cha-chas, to show off their new ballroom skills. And, for the most part, these couples proved that three weeks of hard work and mega-hype can turn into one hell of a show. The premiere was full of great fun, great dancing and the great big assets of Pamela Anderson. What's not to love?

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But tonight, as I said, the competition really starts. After only a week to learn either a foxtrot or a jive, and with elimination looming over their exhausted heads, tonight the stars need to step it up to win those much-needed points from the judges, and those essential votes from us.

Will Kate Gosselin jive with the judges--or will she be a jive turkey? And will Pamela Anderson be able to control her foxiness long enough to dance a foxtrot? We're about to find out in this Week 2 Performance Show of Dancing with the Stars season 10... "Liiiiiiiiiive!"

Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke welcome us for the second performance show of season 10, and welcome the 11 stars and their partners once again. Shannen and Mark are looking adorable in matching tuxedos, and Evan and Anna are much more sexified than last week in full leather! And will you look at Pamela Anderson? I never thought I'd say this, but she looks ... glamorous! Yowza! It's gonna be a hot night full of fierce jives and elegant foxtrots ... we hope!

shanne-mark-dwtsjiveep2.jpgShannen Doherty and Mark Ballas
Dancing: Jive
Song: "Shake A Tail Feather"

Judges Say: "Amongst all that energy, there has to be control. You lost that control." - Len
"Your energy was so much better. Kicks and flicks could have been sharper." - Bruno

I Say: Mark and Shannen went with the complicated version of their routine, and it may have been just a bit too much for her to handle. In fact, it definitely was. But if you kept your eyes off the details, Shannen had great energy and never gave up through that quick routine, which in and of itself was tons of fun.

Scores: 7+6+7=20

edyta-aiden-dwtsep2fox.jpgAiden Turner and Edyta Sliwinska
Dancing: Foxtrot
Song: "I've Got You Under My Skin"

Judges Say: "I can see a glimmer of hope for Aiden. Your lines were good. Sometimes you get your knickers in a twist. Keep focus." - Bruno
"Nice. Job. This week you let the dance flow through you. Solid, solid dance." - Carrie Ann
"Your footwork was very good. An improvement. Well done." - Len

I Say: Way to go, Aiden! Very evident that he's been working his butt off, and the dance was full of lovely little romantic moments, and void of the awkwardness (first night nerves, more likely) that plagued him last week. His genuine smile and fluidity helped make this foxtrot believable and heart-warming ... and boooy does he look good in a suit.

Scores: 7+6+6=19

anna-evan-dwtsep2jive.jpgEvan Lysacek and Anna Trebunskaya
Dancing: Jive
Song: "The Best Damn Thing"

Judges Say:
"That was great. Such great energy. Totally in control. Connection was completely there." - Carrie Ann
"Amongst some of the silly stuff, there was some really good jive out there." - Len
"Be careful in the feet. Point the feet. Be careful not to go wobbly." - Bruno

I Say:
The best damn thing? Pretty darn close! I was worried that elegant Evan might not be able to handle a quick and fun dance like the jive, but he looked right at home shimmying and shaking with a Grease-inspired 'do and a big, big smile. Totally fun and only minor footwork problems. Evan's already a force to be reckoned with, and I think he'll only improve as the season goes on.

Scores: 8+8+8=24

niecy-louis-dwtsep2foxtrot.jpgNiecy Nash and Louis van Amstel
Dancing: Foxtrot
Song: "I Love You (Perfect Man)"

Judges Say: "It had musicality, ease, a little sassy twist. You are a revelation. I loved it." - Len
"Nicely done. You were light and frothy, it was like a strawberry milkshake." - Bruno
"You are spectacular. You know what you're doing. Do a little bit bigger next week." - Carrie Ann

I Say:
This live-recapping business isn't easy, let me tell you. My cable cut out ... blast! I caught the end of the dance, though, and it was a happy surprise to see Niecy floating across the floor with such a combo of her bold personality and traditional grace. Her competitors just learned they shouldn't put this funny lady in a corner. But let me ask you people without technical difficulties: how did the beginning of that foxtrot shape up?

Scores: 7+7+7=21

jakedwtsep2.jpgJake Pavelka and Chelsie Hightower
Dancing: Jive
Song: "It's Hip to Be Square"

Judges Say: "Your energy and determination are great. Work on precision and technique." - Bruno
"Great start, love the energy. You are a joy to watch." - Carrie Ann
"Overall you coped very well. It was a little heavy sometimes. You've got a lot more to give and great potential." - Len

I Say: Let me just say ... what a fitting song for Jake! But a fitting dance style? Not yet. I agree with the judges that Jake's energy is infectious, but he still looks like a beginner out there. But who knows how fast he'll learn in the coming weeks? If some of that wild enthusiasm can transform into honed skill, he has hope yet.

Scores: 6+7+7=20

buzzashlydwts.jpgBuzz Aldrin and Ashly Costa
Dancing: Foxtrot
Song: "Fly Me to the Moon"

Judges Say: [Meghan has technical difficulties and misses the judges' comments but imagines they sweetly but seriously critiqued an 80-year-old for dancing like an 80-year-old.]

I Say: Awwwwwwwwwww! (What else is there to say?)

Scores: 4+4+4=12

nicole-derek-dwtsep2jive.jpgNicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough
Dancing: Jive
Song: "S.O.S."

Judges Say: "I'm a little bit ambivalent about the whole thing. The traditional part of the jive I thought was very good." - Len
"It was phenomenal! I've never seen a jive that good on week two." - Bruno

I Say: Despite my serious, scream-inducing cable issues right now, that jive put a smile back on my face. Nicole (a.k.a. this season's Mya) is miles ahead of where a non-dancer would be, and she's KILLING IT! I'm tempted to get all up in arms with everyone else about her unfair advantages, but it's much more fun to celebrate what a joy she is to watch. But it's still a little too early to be giving out 10s, don't you think?

Scores: 10+8+10=28

erinmaksdwtsfoxtrot2.jpgErin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Dancing: Foxtrot
Song: "Love Story"

Judges Say: "Erin, you're a natural. Your arms are absolutely stunning. Make sure you finish the movement." - Bruno
"You are a beautiful, lyrical dancer. Great use of your flexibility." - Carrie Ann
"The movement was fluid, your posture was generally good. Three key words: turn up, keep up, and shut up. Trust in your pro." - Len

I Say: This couple is easy on the eyes in every sense of the word. Their flirty, feisty relationship in real life gives them great chemistry on the floor, but it also distracts a little from the actual ballroom dancing they're doing, which is right on track, but still has room for some cleaning up and polishing before Erin looks like a real pro out there. 

Scores: 8+7+8=23

pamdamiendwtsfoxtrot.jpgPamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood
Dancing: Foxtrot
Song: "I Want to Be Loved By You"

Judges Say:
"You go from character to character. You brought Marilyn Monroe right back to life." - Carrie Ann
"It has an elegance about it. A cheeky charm. You've got to work on your posture." - Len
"That was a well-executed, delicious tribute to the original blonde bombshell. ... And the dancing was good, too." - Bruno

I Say:
I'm not sure I could say it better than Bruno just did. I was totally cynical about Pam's ability to go from sexy stripper to classy lass, but she did it. She shows off so much personality when she's dancing that it's easy to just watch that and forget about the dancing, but when you really pay attention to the moves, you see that she's pulling them off when just as much ease. Great things await if she can control that bosom and continue this versatility. 

Scores: 7+7+8=22

chadcheryldwts2.jpgChad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke
Dancing: Foxtrot
Song: "100 Years"

Judges Say: "There was little about that that I can talk about to give you encouragement." - Len
"You looked uncomfortable. It was ungainly, no musicality." - Bruno
"You have great potential. You have got to start understanding your movement and let it go." - Carrie Ann

I Say: It was too slow in the beginning, a bit stilted in the middle and underwhelming in the end, but bits there in the middle showed why we were all raving about Chad's cha-cha-cha last week. He's more comfortable with the quick, saucy moves than with these grand romantic gestures, but he better get more comfortable--and fast, because he needs both to turn that 'potential' energy into mirror ball momentum.

Scores: 6+5+5=16

katetonydwts2.jpgKate Gosselin and Tony Dovolani
Dancing: Jive
Song: "I'm Still Standing"

Judges Say: "You went through the motions like a Stepford wife." - Bruno
"Your feet came off the floor a couple times. You are still standing. I love that you kept bouncing when you didn't know what to do." - Carrie Ann
"You're a trier and you're a worker. Don't go down as a wimp." - Len

I Say: Whoa. That little bit about Tony threatening to quit because Kate kept criticizing him (without even trying to criticize him) was a little too familiar for Jon & Kate Plus 8 viewers. But on to the dance: YIKES. I don't think there was a single moment out there when Kate looked comfortable or believable. A humanoid robot would have had more passion in its movements (and a considerable amount of less fear in its face) than Kate did. The burning wreckage of actual trainwrecks was watching that dance and thinking, "Wow ... At least I'm not her."

Scores: 5+5+5=15

What did you think of tonight's jives and foxtrots? Nicole and Evan took the highest scores once again, while Kate and Buzz, rumored to be last week's biggest vote-getters, again struggled with the steps but tugged at the heartstrings (for very different reasons, of course).

Who earned YOUR votes tonight, and who do you hope gets sent home packing tomorrow?

For now, do three things for me, will ya? Answer those questions in the comments, check back tomorrow for my full performance rankings and be sure to stay with me
live tomorrow night as we watch the first elimination episode of Dancing with the Stars season 10.

Oh yeah, and if you want to see the right star burn out tomorrow, do one more thing tonight: VOTE!

Okay, I lied. There's oooone last thing: don't forget to make your DWTS Fantasy TV elimination picks by tomorrow! Somebody's going home, and some buddies at BuddyTV will get points because of it. So make sure it's you!

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