'Dancing with the Stars': Kate Lives to Dance Another Day ... Why?
'Dancing with the Stars': Kate Lives to Dance Another Day ... Why?
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Kate Gosselin is proving to be one tough cookie to crack.

After her "mini breakthrough" last night where she "actually danced," the Jon and Kate Plus 8 star lives to see another day on Dancing with the Stars, as she escapes elimination again. It was soap star and beloved BuddyTV blogger Aiden Turner who was given the boot, despite, at least to most viewers, performing way better than Kate, a.k.a. Tony's shopping cart.

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We already know who most of you think should've been eliminated tonight based on these two polls, so we want to ask you instead:

What/Who is keeping Kate Gosselin on Dancing with the Stars?

Fans/sympathizers who think she represents, er, working women and moms?  People who just enjoy watching her embarrass herself? Or do some fans genuinely think that Kate actually shows--gasp!--potential on the dance floor?

No disrespect--we just want to know! Do you fall into one of these camps? Or are you a proud Kate hater who can't wait to see her go?

Sound off on the comments below!

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