Dancing with the Stars: Jewel Addresses Jealousy Rumors Against Melissa Rycroft
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Melissa Rycroft and her partner Tony Dovolani made a spectacular comeback on Monday night's Dancing with the Stars, scoring their first 30 in the season with a graceful waltz and a sexy salsa. Last week, however, the couple nearly escaped elimination since Melissa didn't make it to the live show after sustaining a rib injury. As a result, the judges based her score on a taped rehearsal, just like what happened to contestant Steve-O.

This doesn't seem fair, according to Jewel, an original contestant on Dancing with the Stars season 8 who was forced to withdraw due to fractures in the tibia of both legs and was replaced by Girls Next Door star Holly Madison. The country singer commented on her husband and Dancing with the Stars contestant Ty Murray's website that if a contestant is too injured to compete live then they shouldn't be judged based on a taped rehearsal performance.

"As bad as I felt for Melissa, who I hope feels better and comes back, I'm used to our cowboy athletes that live by the rule: 'ride hurt or don't get a score.' It may seem harsh, but it seems like the only way to keep things honest. If you're too hurt to compete then you can't compete," Jewel wrote.

While Jewel has a good point, the judges' scores don't count as much as audiences' votes. Thus, Melissa would have stayed in the running even if she got the lowest score because she has a huge loyal fan base.

Unfortunately, Jewel's opinion has been blown into proportions when bloggers and
gossip columnists have spun it as cattiness and jealousy against Melissa. In attempt to set the record straight, Jewel breaks her silence yet again.

"Wow! I can't believe my comment on [husband Ty Murray's] website got so mangled- and now gossip columns hijacked it and put words in my mouth! Go back to my original blog- I like Melissa and think she's gifted [and a real Texas sweetheart], and I adore Steve-O. My comment had nothing to do with either of them," she explained.

"My comment was on a sports website about a rule I have never seen in any type of competition before. Name another sport where if you can't compete, they use your score from practice. Can you imagine an Olympic diver who can't compete for any reason, and so they let them use their practice dives from that day? Or a chess match, for that matter. If Ty were in the same position, I'd still ask the same thing," she added.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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