'Dancing with the Stars' Finals: Pre-Dance Predictions
'Dancing with the Stars' Finals: Pre-Dance Predictions
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This is it! We're at the end of season 11! After beginning with 12 dancers, the DWTS field has progressively narrowed until there are only three remaining to dance in the finals. Which of the stars will take home the Mirror Ball trophy? We'll know after tomorrow night, but now it's time for predictions.

Basically, it's still anybody's competition at this point. Jennifer has the frontrunner status and the highest judges' scores. Kyle has ridiculous charm and a consistently good record. And Bristol has both voters and a history of improvement. The question now is what kinds of dances will we see and which qualities will appeal to the voters?

Jennifer has the edge going into the finals. Two perfect dances in the semi-finals crowned a series of good-to-excellent performances throughout the season. She had an off night or two, but mostly Jennifer stayed at the head of the pack. And with the freestyle dance open to her, we may see a recreation of or variation on a certain iconic number from Dirty Dancing (come on, you know you want to see the lift). That dance, successfully executed, could assure Jennifer the win.

But we can't forget Kyle. Easily the most charming dancer of the season, Kyle came out of nowhere (OK, the Disney Channel) to blow us all away. He's never had a bad night either: Kyle's worst scores came on evenings when the audience still went wild. Steady and obvious improvement throughout the season has slowly caused those judges' scores to climb, culminating in two scores of 29 points during the semi-finals. He's not the best dancer overall, but Kyle's charm and consistency could win the finals for him.

Then there's Bristol. The controversial non-star has become the focal point of most of the recent DWTS commentary. Whether you think she should be in the final or not, she's there. And Bristol is a force to be reckoned with.

Bristol has some serious voter support. Whether it comes from politics or from winning over fans (lots of people adore her humility and normal-girl attitude), Bristol gets the votes. If she manages a good performance in the finals, those votes will come pouring in. She might take a bit of a blow in voter support, due to the presence of Kyle (also beloved of the voters), but that hasn't been enough to shake Bristol's position yet.

A lot of the final results will depend on the final performances, not on the previous weeks. Jennifer could win it all with a strong performance, or she could get cut quickly with a shaky one. A dynamic dance from Kyle could give him the edge he needs to take it all. And Bristol could wow supporters with a high-quality dance that pulls in every potential voter she has.

My guess? Jennifer wants this and will do what it takes to have the time of her life out there. There will be strong competition from both Kyle and Bristol, but the Mirror Ball will go to its expected home with Jennifer.

What do you think? Will Jennifer be crowned the winner? Will Kyle be the king of the dance floor? Will Bristol pull off another win, this time for the Mirror Ball? Let us know what you think!

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