Dancing with the Stars – Finals Preview
We're here. We're finally here. It's been a long couple of months. We've seen political pundits (Tucker Carlson), Beauty Queens (Shanna Moakler), and Talk Show Hosts (Jerry Springer) ply their dancing trade but come up short. Some dancers have surprised us, some have disappointed, and some have gone home unjustly. Dancing with the Stars is almost over. Stop crying. It will be okay. Everyone will be fine. Soon enough, Dancing with the Stars will be back, with a whole new batch of celebrities who think they can dance. For now, however, we embark on what should be a thrilling finale to an entertaining season.
The two remaining dancers could not be more different. One is smooth and stylish, the other is all flair and technical ability. Let's take a look at what both Emmitt Smith and Mario Lopez must do to win Dancing with the Stars and what their chances are of taking home the victory.
The Underdog: Emmitt Smith
No one expected this coming into the season because no one knew what to expect. When you have an ex-athlete doing anything, there are concerns of whether their body is running on empty. On the other hand, you know Emmitt is a great athlete and dancing is mostly about athleticism. It turns out that Emmitt's body is fine, not creaky at all, and that his expert athleticism has allowed him to vastly improve his technical ability on the dance floor every week. I cannot state this enough: his improvement has been astonishing. Emmitt's chances aren't great to win this thing, but, since its up to America's votes and Emmitt is both skilled and likable, he may just pull off the upset of the century.
The Favorite: Mario Lopez
The man who played A.C. Slater is a talented dancer. Whether he came into this contest in a dubious manner is up for debate: the celebrities are supposed to have no formal dancing training coming on to the show, but it's been fairly well-documented that Mario studied dance religiously in his younger years. Nonetheless, Mario's dancing is often on par with the pros. He has consistently been the best dancer in the competition. Mario should win. He is that technically competent. America's votes are likely to favor Mario, him being kind of a heartthrob and all. If I was a betting man (which I am) than I would bet my stack on Mario to take this season's Dancing with the Stars crown. It's been the inevitable result since the very first episode. Tune in tonight for my live blog of Dancing with the Stars. I will be recapping the event, giving constant updates on the action. The live blog will begin at 8PM ET/5PM PT. -Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer