Dancing with the Stars: Finally the Finals are here
There’s no doubt that the best three couples are left at this point on Dancing with the Stars. But the question remains: who’s the best of the best?

This week Laila Ali, Joey Fatone, and Apolo Anton Ohno will battle it out for the coveted mirror-ball trophy on the finals. The judges will choose one of their dances (with the other a freestyle) – any guesses as to what they’ll choose? 

Here’s how the three remaining couples have scored in each dance so far:

The only couple left who’ve ever been in the bottom two, Joey & Kym actually have the highest average score so far. Dancing with the Stars judge Len Goodman says "Joey is a natural-born performer with a magnificent personality. Who knows what he'll do next?"
Joey & Kym's judges' scores:
Week 1: Cha Cha 24
Week 2: Quickstep 24
Week 3: Tango 24
Week 4: Paso Doble 28
Week 5: Rumba 25
Week 6: Samba 27
Week 7: Foxtrot 29
Week 7: Jive 30
Week 8: Waltz 26
Week 8: Mambo 29
Week 9: Foxtrot 30
Week 9: Jive 30

The freestyle might be a problem for Laila & Maks because of the lifts, says Goodman; Laila’s not a tiny woman. As well, she’s been suffering from a nagging knee injury throughout the season of Dancing with the Stars. Of course, she hasn’t let that stop her so far. In fact, she hasn’t even mentioned it.
Laila & Maks' judges' scores:
Week 1: Foxtrot 23
Week 2: Mambo 27
Week 3: Tango 21
Week 4: Paso Doble 21
Week 5: Rumba 28
Week 6: Cha Cha 28
Week 7: Quickstep 29
Week 7: Samba 30
Week 8: Waltz 27
Week 8: Jive 26
Week 9: Quickstep 30
Week 9: Cha Cha 30

Judge Len Goodman says Apolo “just has to carry on the way he's been going… The way Julianne has been choreographing his routines, I would imagine he's going to be an absolute knockout."
Apolo & Julianne's judges' scores:
Week 1: Cha Cha 21
Week 2: Quickstep 26
Week 3: Jive 23
Week 4: Waltz 26
Week 5: Samba 30
Week 6: Rumba 28
Week 7: Foxtrot 26
Week 7: Mambo 28
Week 8: Tango 28
Week 8: Paso Doble 30
Week 9: Quickstep 30
Week 9: Cha Cha 29

Who do you think has a chance on the finals of Dancing with the Stars? Share your picks below.

-Mel, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide
Photo credit: ABC