'Dancing with the Stars' Final 3: Let's Predict the Winner!
'Dancing with the Stars' Final 3: Let's Predict the Winner!
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Next Monday, the three Dancing with the Stars season 10 finalists -- Nicole Scherzinger, Erin Andrews and Evan Lysacek -- will take the stage for the final time before the judges and America crown the Mirrorball Trophy winner.

It's essentially been a Nicole vs. Evan showdown since the beginning, but Erin was right up there behind them in Week 1, and since then she's managed to grow technically, artistically and -- perhaps most importantly -- her apparent fan base. It seems a long shot that she could beat either of the top dogs in next week's finale, but it's not impossible. Don't count out this lovely, long-legged dark horse just yet!

With a combination of the judges' scores and America's votes determining next week's winner, will it be the sharp, technical whiz (Scherzinger), the nimble, lyrical artist (Lysacek) or the earnest, graceful bombshell (Andrews) who will take home the big prize?

We have to wait until Tuesday night to find out, but until then, let's use our powers of reasoning and psychic abilities to predict who will win!

Erin Andrews

Highest Individual Dance Score (out of 30): 29 (Week 9)
Average Score: 24.1

Keys to Victory:
- Everyone loves the underdog.
- Looks good in everything from feather skirts to hot pants.
- Amazing chemistry with steamy, oft-shirtless partner.
- The only real "growth" story left on the show.

Hurdles to Glory:
- Seems like so much of an underdog her fans might feel it's futile to even vote.
- Has yet to earn a perfect 30 from the judges.
- Still seems nervous every time she takes the stage.
- Still growing while the other two finalists are in full-on mastery mode.

Psychic Meghan Predicts Erin's Chances of Winning: Slim to None.
Erin fans will need to rally and rally hard if they want to see her get past third place on Monday night.

119794_6929_pre-crop.jpgEvan Lysacek

Highest Individual Dance Score (out of 30): 30 (Week 7, Week 9)
Average Score: 26.1

Keys to Victory:
- A few stumbles along the way showed that he is human. We like human.
- Takes judges' criticisms, learns from them, and delivers.
- The only man left in the game, and a dreamboaty, American Olympic hero man at that.
- Oh, yeah: he can freaking dance like nobody's business. Except when it comes to his arch-nemesis, the samba.

Hurdles to Glory:
- His quiet, controlled personality has attracted unsavory adjectives from fans and judges like "boring" and "detached."
- Composed and diplomatic to a fault; not as willing to shamelessly campaign for your votes.
- Has yet to dance fully shirtless. Don't neglect the cougar vote, Evan!
- Still on the trail with Stars on Ice. Meaning he won't have as much practice time before Monday as his lady-sandwich competition.

Psychic Meghan Predicts Evan's Chances of Winning: High.
The way I see it, Evan's sitting pretty, smack in between the sure thing (Nicole) and the long shot (Erin). He'll get the votes of those who respect Nicole's talent, but resent her obvious advantage.

119794_6514_pre-crop.jpgNicole Scherzinger

Highest Individual Dance Score (out of 30): 30 (Week 8, Week 9) 
Average Score: 27.2

Keys to Victory:
- The best dancer the show has ever seen (at least according to Carrie Ann).
- Arguably has the most creative choreographer as her partner.
- Dynamic, explosive and sensual at all the right times, in all the right places.
- Incredibly consistent and versatile, earning the highest average scores of any couple this season.

Hurdles to Glory:
Continued stigma and resentment surrounding whether or not she is overqualified to be on the show in the first place.
All business out on the floor. Doesn't let us see how much fun she's having.
- Her fans might think she's such a sure thing that they don't bother to vote.

Psychic Meghan Predicts Nicole's Chances of Winning: Moderate to High.
The way things stand now, there's no doubt that Nicole's performances are worthy of a victory. But America is a fickle mistress, and if there's one thing we can't stand, it's a sure thing. We like surprises. We like come-from-behind heroes. Can Nicole's consistent awesomeness overcome
our natural inclination to undermine her victory? Sure it could. But I bet Mya would have a different answer to that question.

What do your psychic powers tell you?