'Dancing with the Stars' Elimination: Why Did Nancy Fall from Grace?
'Dancing with the Stars' Elimination: Why Did Nancy Fall from Grace?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It was time.

That's the short answer when asked about Nancy Grace's elimination in week 8 of Dancing with the Stars season 13. Nancy and Tristan had a great run, dancing far beyond initial expectations for their abilities as dancer and student. But, now that we're going into the semi-finals, exceeding expectations is just not good enough.

More so than in most earlier weeks of Dancing with the Stars, the specific reasons for Nancy Grace's elimination seem obvious. But it's still good to take a look at the factors contributing to her downfall. After all, they are likely to strike again next week when someone will fail to make the season 13 DWTS finals.

Low Scores
Simply put, you don't get low scores in a week of high scores. As Chynna Phillips and so many others have already found out on Dancing with the Stars season 13, one bad week can be murder on your chances for a Mirror Ball. Nancy Grace had the lowest scores in week 8 and was thus the most obvious choice for elimination.

Even if you look at the overall scores throughout the competition, Nancy was due to leave. Nancy and Tristan managed only the 8th-highest average score (21.3 points) in season 13. Her four competitors (J.R., Ricki, Hope and Rob) -- all moving on to the semi-finals -- have the distinction of the four highest averages in season 13. Nancy was just plain out-danced.

Judges' Comments
Except in extreme cases of popularity/unpopularity, it's both impressive and scary how much weight Len Goodman's comments carry. If he says you're done, that is most likely the case.

And so it was for Nancy. Did Len's talk of Cinderella and pumpkins turn voters away from Nancy Grace? It's possible. While her die-hard fans would ignore such commentary, the casual voter -- who rarely knows much about dance, after all -- might see Len's remarks as a sign that this was it.

Unless you've got something to prove, you don't vote for the dancer dismissed by the judges.

The Limits of Voter Support
As evidenced by Nancy's continuance on Dancing with the Stars after earlier low-scoring performances, there is a fan base out there. Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Nancy Grace is a polarizing figure. And such people do very, very well on Dancing with the Stars.

But there are limits.

Because of the judges, no amount of voting can overcome big scoring gaps to keep a popular but poorly-dancing star on the show. Smaller gaps can be bridged, sure, but that's all. Give the voters a wide gap -- such as we saw in week 8 -- and popularity ceases to be the determining factor for DWTS victory.

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Was it Nancy's time to leave Dancing with the Stars? Did she deserve a spot in the semi-finals? Who will be the next to go? Leave your comments below!

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