'Dancing with the Stars' Elimination: What Brought Down Chaz?
'Dancing with the Stars' Elimination: What Brought Down Chaz?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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For awhile, it looked like Chaz Bono would never be eliminated from Dancing with the Stars. The show's first transgender competitor survived several stints at the bottom of the leader-board over the weeks, outlasting supposed front-runners like Chynna Phillips and Kristin Cavallari. Low scores were regularly overcome by high voter rates.

And yet Chaz Bono was eliminated in week 6 of Dancing with the Stars season 13. What happened?

Was it increased competition that felled Chaz? Have fans lost interest in the man? Or could some comments made this week be to blame?

Competition Kills
The most obvious -- and probably the most important reason -- for Chaz Bono's DWTS elimination is simple competition. Chaz's middling dancing was perfectly fine pull through the earlier weeks of competition. After all, there's no way he should have gone home before the mess that was Ron Artest or the stony-faced blandness that was Elisabetta Canalis.

Once the obvious choices were gone, however, Chaz Bono was always a possibility for elimination. That he lasted this long can be attributed to luck as much as popularity. Kristin Cavallari didn't have the fans or the charisma to outlast Chaz, but it's safe to say that Chynna Phillips only lost out due to one bad night.

But their eliminations left only a few "bad" dancers left in the mix. After Carson Kressley fell in week 5, Chaz Bono was really the only choice left to go if dancing were the criteria.

Where Did the Fans Go?
Support for Chaz Bono was big news at the beginning of Dancing with the Stars season 13. With some individuals and groups protesting the inclusion of a transgender celebrity, others rallied around Chaz. There were even dancing/viewing parties in his honor back in week 1.

Since then, however, most of the obvious, dedicated support has faded. The activists had made their point, leaving only actual DWTS and Chaz Bono fans to keep up the votes. Obviously, this did work, considering that Chaz and Lacey had the lowest scores in two earlier weeks of competition.

But by week 6, that support had obviously faded. Did Chaz's fans lose interest in their cause? Or did they just acknowledge it was his time to go?

What's Said on TV...
Although there have been occasional digs aimed at Chaz throughout his time on Dancing with the Stars, negative commentary was possibly even more in evidence in week 6. Could such remarks have swayed voters?

Chaz Bono himself was most upset by Bruno's comparisons to a penguin (which is fair -- it wasn't very nice), but that wasn't the only negative feedback of the night. The other judges made it clear that they weren't OK with Chaz's progress or performance as well. Even the ever-supportive Lacey Schwimmer pointed out that she couldn't carry Chaz through dances anymore.

It's very probable that viewers were influenced by so much negativity. There's not much point in voting for someone universally deemed a loser, is there?

Whatever the case and whatever the reasons, Chaz Bono was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars. And, unlike many who have gone before him this season, it was probably time.

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Did you expect Chaz Bono's elimination? Was someone else a better choice? Why do you support DWTS dancers: talent, personality or something else? Let us know your thoughts and comments below!

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