'Dancing with the Stars' Casting: Who Can You Believe?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Another rumor has surfaced about season 13 casting for Dancing with the Stars. Sources at the show have hinted that Elisabetta Canalis, an Italian model much better-known for being George Clooney's ex-girlfriend, will make her dancing debut this fall. Meanwhile, the subjects of previous rumors have started to deny everything.

Who do we believe?

Obviously the reasonable, sensible solution is just to wait until August 29, when the new Dancing with the Stars cast will be announced during that night's episode of Bachelor Pad.

But where's the fun in that? Thus, we speculate and report just about every rumor that comes our way.

This latest casting report comes from E! Online, which of course has no confirmation of the story. What kind of confirmation could we expect, after all? ABC isn't going to say anything, Dancing with the Stars has a vested interest in keeping mum until the official announcement day and the stars themselves aren't really supposed to talk.

No Dancing for Some Stars?
Alas, the rumor mill seems to spout out a bunch of misses here and there. Perhaps the genesis of certain rumors were just wishful thinking, but apparently previously announced celebrity contestants Queen Latifah and Snooki are claiming to not be signed for Dancing with the Stars in the fall.

Queen Latifah let down fans (and those of us who were excited at the prospect of an awesome, talented actual star on the show) on August 15 on Twitter, saying, "No truth to the rumors of me doing Dancing With The Stars. Love the show though so I'll be watching just like you!"

Snooki followed Queen Latifah's lead and also made her negative announcement on Twitter, on August 16. The Jersey Shore star's letdown read: "I love watching Dancing with the Stars but I am not apart of the cast ! Sorry Tweedos"

Are they telling the truth on Twitter? Or is this some elaborate ruse to keep the public guessing until it's actually time to make the announcement. While I lean toward the former, sadder possibility, I wouldn't be totally shocked if either woman showed up in the DWTS group on August 29.

Or maybe that is still my wishful thinking hoping for cooler stars than George Clooney's ex and the boy Kardashian?

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What do you think of season 13's casting rumors? Did you actually know that George Clooney's girlfriend had a name? Where are the stars we were promised? Leave your comments below!

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