'Dancing with the Stars' Alum Chelsea Kane Stars in Two ABC Family Productions
Since starring on Disney Channel shows and placing third on Dancing with the Stars 12, actress Chelsea Kane has recently booked two roles with ABC Family. The network announced that she'll be appearing in the movie musical Elixir as well as playing Penny in the comedy pilot Baby Daddy.
The TV movie Elixir is supposedly ABC Family's first foray into musicals and will air sometime in 2012. Aside from Chelsea Kane, it also stars Jane Seymour as the lead, Sara Paxton, Adrienne Bailon, Drew Seeley and more. Filming has already begun, so it won't take long before the movie hits the small screen.

Song and dance numbers will accompany the story of a promising Broadway starlet who lost everything because of an injury. She soon finds a magic potion that can turn anyone thirty years younger, which will be portrayed by the Dancing with the Stars alum herself.

Chelsea Kane's other role, meanwhile, is in the half-hour sitcom Baby Daddy. There she joins cast members Derek Theler of 90210 fame, and Deane Stewart from Justice for Natalie Holloway. 

The series revolves around the character Ben, who finds a baby on his doorstep. He quickly becomes a dad after finding out that it was his ex-girlfriend who left the child there. With the help of his mom, brother and friends, he takes on the responsibility and raises his new daughter. 

Kane will be portraying one of Ben's close friends who has hidden feelings for him. She'll be there for support no matter what, but, as always, things will keep getting in their way.

It's also worth noting that Baby Daddy comes from executive producer Dan Berendsen. He's worked on shows such as Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and Hannah Montana: The Movie, as well as the recently cancelled fantasy series The Nine Lives of Chloe King. 

Shooting for Baby Daddy begins this December, in front of a live studio audience too. Will you be watching?

(Image courtesy of ABC Family)