'Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars' Week 8 Elimination: Why Was This Kirstie's Week to Go?
'Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars' Week 8 Elimination: Why Was This Kirstie's Week to Go?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It was only fair that Kirstie Alley was eliminated from Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars in week 8. After all, she was trailing her competition by quite a bit -- both in overall points and in scores from the two weeks that mattered. And even she had started to sound like she might be done.

Still, the elimination somehow seemed like a surprise. Why?

The Legions of Fans and Followers Failed Her

Kirstie Alley has a lot of fans. I mean, a lot of fans. Part of this is because she has been famous for decades. Part of this is because the woman knows how to work the social media angle -- a skill that many unfortunately fail to master. And a huge part of this is Kirstie's ballroom persona. She's brash and funny and just charming enough to keep everybody loving her.

Why wouldn't you be a fan of Kirstie Alley?

In week 8, however, all of those fans must have given up or something.

The Maks Factor

While he certainly has his fans as well, Maksim Chmerkovskiy can be more than a little off-putting at times. That decreases the charm even of someone like Kirstie Alley. In a season with a plethora of hot men to take off their shirts, we don't have to keep Maks around for his looks.

Fighting Gets Old

Sure, it's a very playful and loving kind of fighting that goes on between Kirstie and Maks. But it doesn't change much from week to week. The couple disagrees. They call each other names and swear a bit. One or the other walks away, muttering. They get back together and laugh.

It's a cycle that repeats. And repeats.

Not All Publicity Helps

Kirstie Alley released a new book during the Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars season. In it, she chronicled some of her exploits throughout years in Hollywood. One of those exploits was a long-ago relationship of sorts with John Travolta.

This revelation seems to have bothered people. Could it have turned some voters against Kirstie?

Hey, It Was Just Time!

I mean seriously. She made it to week 8! That's pretty darn good for someone over 40 (by a lot) and not an athlete.

Was it time for Kirstie to be eliminated? Should she have been eliminated sooner? Leave your comments below!

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