Dancing with the Stars 8: What Would Happen If Ty Murray Wins?
In a world... where the one who wields the mirror ball reigns supreme ... one man must put away his cowboy hat... and perform the impossible... to become... a ballroom dancer...!

If Ty Murray defies all odds and becomes the eighth winner of Dancing with the Stars, I predict that riots would ensue. Don't underestimate the fierceness of dance fans. Remember the WTO riots that occurred in Seattle in 1999? That will seem like a pleasant exchange of ideas in comparison. And those riots that European soccer fans always seem to be getting themselves into? Those will seem like a polite debate about the weather over a cup of tea.

OK, I jest. Dancing with the Stars fans are probably unlikely to start skirmishes in their neighborhoods, but I do predict (or rather, I'm hoping for) a ton of comments on my articles here. Some people will probably complain about how Dancing with the Stars has devolved into a popularity contest, without any regard for actual dance ability. Others will come to Ty Murray's defense and say that he was the most improved dancer this season and deserved to win. Still others will spend their time lamenting the loss of their favorite contestant, Shawn Johnson, Melissa Rycroft or Gilles Marini.

And what will I do? I'll agree with all the comments, every last one. Every celebrity in the top four has something that endears me to them, and I wish that there were some way we can revert back to little kids' soccer where everyone gets a trophy just for participating. It's just too hard to choose! I want Ty Murray to win because he has come so far and worked so hard and kept his spirits up. I want Shawn Johnson to win because she is so humble and cute but always consistently delivers precise performances every week. I want Melissa Rycroft to win because she is so likeable and awesome at dancing. She started out the season as an underdog, but proved that she is a top competitor. Finally, I want Gilles Marini to win because he's wicked hot. Oh yeah, and boyfriend can dance too.

What do you think? Do you have one favorite for whom you are rooting? Or do you having a hard time choosing a favorite like I am?

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of ABC)

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