Dancing with the Stars 8: Top 9 Live Results (Page 1/4)
Dancing with the Stars 8: Top 9 Live Results (Page 1/4)
We're getting to that point in Dancing with the Stars when the competition really starts to heat up.  The level of skill is really becoming spread out: the top of the pack raising the bar ever higher every week, while the rest of the field languishes at the bottom of the pack, fielding only criticism from the judges.

Tonight, we'll find out which star will be joining Steve Wozniak, Holly Madison, and others in the Dancing with the Stars Old Folks' Home For Eliminees.  Stay with me to find out who will end up in the bottom two and dance off for survival.

Live!  From Hollywood!  This is Dancing with the Stars!

Hrm, I guess they must have a lot to get to this hour.  The judges usually get to choose an encore and explain why they want to see this particular dance again, but tonight, we get right to the encore, which is Derek and Lil' Kim's Viennese waltz.  I think I liked yesterday's version better, and I certainly liked yesterday's singing better.  No offense to the Dancing with the Stars band, but it was a little pitchy, dawg.

Now, it's time for Tom Bergon and Samantha Harris' recap of last night's performances.  But of course, you can read my recap.  Oh, but something that I didn't notice yesterday was that Melissa Rycroft's heel got caught in her dress during the performance, tearing the hem, and causing her blunders.  Dancing is dangerous, yo.

Tonight, the dance-off returns, after a week off, and one couple's ballroom career will be over.

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-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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