Dancing with the Stars 8: The Rise of Chuck and Ty, the Fall of Gilles
OK, I am begin a bit provocative in my headline. I don't actually think that Gilles Marini, the Frenchie who has taken the American reality ballroom scene by storm, is falling by any means. He scored a 27 last night on Dancing with the Stars for his beautiful Viennese waltz, which is an excellent score by any standard.

The thing is, a 27 is also the score that Chuck Wicks received for his samba. Moreover, it is only three points higher than the 24 that Ty Murray earned Monday night, when the difference in scores has usually been more like 8 points.

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Even though I have been actively rooting for Ty Murray since the second or third week, I was silently resigning myself to the fact that his number will probably be up pretty soon, especially considering his recent scores. Likewise, I was all set to write off Chuck Wicks as the next casualty to elimination. But these two managed to pull out impressive performances Monday night that they are seriously f---ing with my predictions for the rest of the season.

Like I said above, I don't really think that Gilles or any of the other frontrunners, namely Melissa Rycroft, Lil' Kim or Shawn Johnson, are falling in any way, but it's just that everyone else is finally coming up to their level. (But if you assume that they are moving at constant velocity, a vector diagram will show you that these two are equivalent scenarios. Oh, the nerdiness! It kills me!) I guess my point in all of this is to say that it really is anyone's game yet. Gilles Marini may be an amazing dancer, but he does not have the mirror ball trophy in the bag. Melissa, Shawn and Lil' Kim are all also trading places in the top spots of the Dancing with the Stars leaderboard each week, and any one of them can conceivably take the title.

Come back to BuddyTV tonight at 8pm EDT and join me as I write my live thoughts for this week's elimination show. We'll find out which couple will not be returning to dance again on Dancing with the Stars.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of ABC)