Dancing with the Stars 8: The Dreaded Mic Pack Strikes Again
It seems like the microphone pack is becoming the leading cause of injury on Dancing with the Stars this season.

Recently ousted Steve-O was sidelined for a whole week after hurting his back by doing a front flip and landing on his mic pack. And this week, Ty Murray became the second victim to bear the wrath of the portable electronic device. Ty wrote about it on his MySpace blog.

This week on Dancing with the Stars, as we all know, the seven remaining couples must learn a 1960s-themed group dance and perform it on Monday night. During the group rehearsal, Ty's eye met the business end of his partner Chelsie Hightower's microphone pack.

"It might end up being a black eye, but I'm not sure," Ty Murray wrote on his MySpace blog. "I was doing this thing with Chelsie where I spin her around up above my head and her mic-pack came loose, swung around and hit me in the eye."

In an interview with People, Ty said, "It's not a big deal to me because in bull riding you see that from time to time, but I guess people aren't used to seeing a little blood in the ballroom."

As someone who has suffered an eye injury in the recent past, let me tell you that this is pretty terrifying. I'm so relieved that Ty is alright and will be performing on Monday night. I wonder if he'll be wearing a glittery eye patch like Jeffrey Ross did last season after Edyta Sliwinska accidentally poked him in the eye and scratched his cornea.

Let's take stock of all the injuries so far. Nancy O'Dell and Ty Murray's wife Jewel were both benched from the competition before Dancing with the Stars season 8 even started, due to injuries incurred during rehearsal. Lil' Kim had a rib injury, Gilles Marini has a separated shoulder, Steve Wozniak suffered a foot fracture and Steve-O had a serious back injury. Keeping my fingers crossed that everyone stays healthy for the rest of the season!

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: People, Ty Murray's MySpace
(Image courtesy of ABC)