Dancing with the Stars 8: David Alan Grier is Yesterday's News
Dancing with the Stars 8: David Alan Grier is Yesterday's News
In a semi-shocking upset, comedian David Alan Grier and his partner Kym Johnson were the fifth couple to be eliminated from Dancing with the Stars last night.

David Alan Grier, or DAG as he is sometimes affectionately known, did not do terribly poorly on Monday night's performance show. He and Kym danced a very competent Viennese waltz that landed them solidly in the middle of the pack, with three couples below them on the judges' leaderboard. If talent were the only thing guiding this competition, Davey G should have had nothing to worry about.

Indeed, even after they found themselves in the bottom two and danced off against fearsome footballer Lawrence Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska, David and Kym impressed the judges so much that they were awarded two extra points to help stave off elimination. (Lawrence, on the other hand, struggled with the difficult music and his score remained the same.)

It all came down to audience votes. I think that DAG could have tried a little harder to connect with his audience. In all of the rehearsal footage and in his onstage interviews with Tom Bergeron and Samantha Harris, David Alan Grier came across as somewhat aloof and standoffish. Sure, he did like to serenade the judges in a semi-serious manner, but I think that's exactly what his problem was. You couldn't tell whether he was being silly or sarcastic or completely dead serious because everything he said had a deadpan quality to it. Even when Kym Johnson first met him, she didn't quite know what to make of him.

This just goes to show you that Dancing with the Stars is about so much more than just dancing. If audiences don't take to you, then your fate will be sealed as swiftly and cruelly as DAG's was. Let this be a lesson.

Next week on Dancing with the Stars, the stage will be alternately sizzling with the sensual rumba, or hopping with the energetic jive. We're only down to eight couples now, and I'll bet that each results show will be more unpredictable than the last!

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-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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