Dancing with the Stars 7: Why Brooke Burke Should Win
In anticipation of the Dancing with the Stars seventh season finale next week, I'm taking time all week to weigh the chances that each of the three remaining couples has in claiming the coveted mirror ball trophy. Today, it's Brooke Burke and Derek Hough's turn to take a twirl under my microscope.

Brooke Burke has the most natural dance talent of all the celebrities left in the competition. Since the very beginning of the season, she has continued to impress both the audience and the judges with her amazing technique. Every model and pageant girl out there in America should get down on their hands and knees and thank her for proving that pretty girls can have talent. She has definitively broken the pretty girl curse on Dancing with the Stars, and next season, the token beauty in the cast won't necessarily be saddled with baggage from the likes of Paulina Porizkova or Josie Maran.

Lately, the judges have been echoing Derek Hough's assertion that Brooke is as good as a professional dancer. OK, she's good, but I think saying that she's basically a pro is not giving enough credit to all the hard-working real professionals on the show. Nonetheless, I do agree that she has exceptionally crisp footwork and beautiful lines. I agree with Len Goodman that her hyper-extendable legs are definitely an asset.

Brooke hasn't always had a perfect season, however. Her jive this week was riddled with mistakes, earning her and Derek their worst score all season. But I'm inclined to overlook that. I mean, not everyone can be perfect all the time, and she did step it up with a spectacular salsa in the very same night.

One thing that Brooke needs to work on, however, is connecting with the audience. She doesn't have the warmth of Warren Sapp's personality, or the Lance Bass' quirkiness, so I think that she can come across as a bit cold. When she tries to engage with the audience during her routines, she tends to miss her steps, as she did in the aforementioned jive. But here's where Derek can help her. Derek is a crowd-pleasing performer, and if he can just figure out how to get Brooke to become one too, then I think that there's no stopping these two.

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-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of ABC)

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