Dancing with the Stars 7: So Long, Ted!
Dancing with the Stars premiered this week with three consecutive nights of programming. Over the course of the three nights, we were witness to 25 routines (26 if you count Jeff and Edyta’s quickstep on Wednesday night). There was so much dancing that pretty much every second of this week’s five hours of Dancing with the Stars was filled with dancing, with very little filler. That certainly makes me a happy camper.

What doesn’t make me happy, however, is that Ted McGinley and Inna Brayer were shown the door this week.

I was momentarily saddened when Jeffrey Ross and Edyta found out on Tuesday night that they wouldn’t be continuing on in the competition, particularly because Edyta is my favorite professional dancer on the show, but they were exactly the right couple to go home. Their cha cha on Monday night was truly abysmal, maybe one of the worst performances I have ever seen on Dancing with the Stars to date.

But I really don’t think that it was Ted and Inna’s time to go. Ted showed so much potential as a dancer, and he managed to look suave throughout. I hate the fact that dancing is often dismissed as a “chick” pastime, and I really appreciated Ted’s efforts to show those dopey, macho men out there that dancing is challenging and difficult and, above all, worthwhile.

I sincerely hope that Inna will be invited back to Dancing with the Stars next season, as I found her to be a brilliant, beautiful and strong dancer. She’s got kind of a tough, Brooklyn girl attitude, too, that I think viewers will enjoy getting acquainted with.

Now, there’s some debate about whether Cloris Leachman should have been the one to go. There is no question that she is absolutely the worst dancer out of the top 12, and if this were a purely talent-based competition, it most certainly would have been her instead of Ted to be eliminated. But I have to say that I just find her so entertaining that I don’t mind that she is safe. I don’t think she should win the whole thing, but I’d like her to out-last Kim Kardashian at the very least.

And that brings me to Kim. I wish it had been Kim who got voted off over Ted. The judges were absolutely right when they called her out on her lack of chemistry with Mark on Monday, and her “Baby Got Back” mambo last night was a joke. Kim needs to go. And soon!

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of ABC)