Dancing with the Stars 7: Final Performance Live Thoughts
Dancing with the Stars 7: Final Performance Live Thoughts
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This is it, the night we've all been waiting for.  After nine long weeks of competition on Dancing with the Stars, it is now down to the final three performers: the boy band member, the football player and the model.  Tonight will be their final opportunity to impress the viewers at home.  They'll be facing off against one another in the Samba Smackdown, in which they will each dance to an extended version of the same song.  In addition, they will all show us what they're made of in the freestyle routine.

It's going to be an exciting night of performances.  Stay with me all night as I provide you with live thoughts of the broadcast.

Live!  From Hollywood!  This is Dancing with the Stars!

But before we get to the Samba Smackdown, the couples get to choose from their favorite performances of the season and perform them once more.  Brooke Burke and Derek Hough choose their quickstep for their ballroom dance and the paso doble for their Latin dance.  Oh, I'm a little confused here; they are not actually performing them again.  ABC is just showing us their dances that they previously in their entirety.  After the flashbacks, Brooke and Derek appear on stage with Tom Bergeron.

Up next are Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer.  They think their best ballroom dance was the tango, which I totally loved, so I'm glad we get to see it again.  For their favorite Latin dance, they choose the mambo to show us one more time.

Last but not least are Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson.  For their ballroom dance, they choose the Viennese waltz, which was just beautiful and so romantic.  And yay!  They choose their Matrix paso doble for their Latin dance.

Before we get to anything about the grown-up stars, Tom Bergeron announces that brother and sister team Craig and Samantha are the winners of the juniors competition.  They get one last opportunity to dance on the Dancing with the Stars floor, as they give us a very a energetic jive.  They get a pint-sized mirror ball trophy, which Samantha shoves in her brother's face.  They went to Disneyland for their prize.  Cute!

OK, after a full half-hour, we begin the program in earnest. The finalists make their way down the stairs to the floor.  The first big event is the Samba Smackdown.  Brooke is first, Lance is second and Warren goes last in the smackdown.  Um, Len says something about "nipping off to the bathroom."

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