Dancing with the Stars 6: Season Finale Live Thoughts
It's finally here.  The night we have all been waiting for.  The season finale of Dancing with the Stars season 6.  In just two hours, we will find out which of the three final teams will win the coveted mirror ball trophy.

After last night's final performance show, I think it's safe to say that Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas will make it to the final two and the dance-off.  But who will they be competing against?  Will it be Cristian de la Fuente and Cheryl Burke?  Or will it be Jason Taylor and Edyta Sliwinska?  I can't say for sure which it will be, but I do know that I'll be providing you with live thoughts of the entire two-hour broadcast.

Live!  From Hollywood!  This is the finale of Dancing with the Stars!

The couples take the floor and - gasp! - Kristi and Mark are wearing their nerdy outfits from their week 6 jive.  Oh yay, I loved that routine, and I hope that's what they are doing tonight.

The judges' leaderboard from last night was like this:
Kristi and Mark - 60 points
Cristian and Cheryl - 52 points
Jason and Edyta - 51 points

Now, Usher performs "Love in this Club."  Pretty catchy song, that.

We get to see some footage from stars from past seasons of Dancing with the Stars.  A lot of them think that Jason is the best man standing.  But actually, not a lot of their commentary is very interesting, so I won't recap any more of it.

Millions voted last night, and we will now find out who will be dancing one more time and who will fall short, landing in third place.  The couple in third place, with the lowest combined total and therefore leaving right now, are Cristian and Cheryl.  Bravi, Cristian and Cheryl.  They danced valiantly, especially since Cristian has a ruptured tendon, and it was great watching them.  But that means that Kristi and Jason will be facing off!

Cristian and Cheryl dance their paso doble to bid adieu to the dance floor.  Ooh, I really loved this dance, and I'm glad I get to see it again.  It's the one with their dominatrix-style costumes.  Yay!

We take a look back at the whole season from the beginning.  I am reminded of all the bad dancers from this season, like Adam Carolla and Monica Seles.  Oh, and the routine in which Penn Jillette made his tie go up and down.

Penn and Kym Johnson take the dance floor for their cha cha cha from week 1.  Oh, I miss Kym!  Oh no - now we are forced to watch Monica Seles and Jonathan Roberts encore their horrendous mambo.  (This was actually my pick for the #1 worst performance of the season.)

After the break, Steve Guttenberg and Anna Trebunskaya take the stage for their tango.  I think I would have liked to see the man-go with Steve and Jonathan, but Anna is very lovely too.  After the performance, Steve gushes to Tom Bergeron and Samantha Harris about how great he feels to be dancing.

Ohhh, and now, we get to see the unicycle paso doble by Adam Carolla and Julianne Hough.  I did pick this one to be one of the worst dances, but it was still very entertaining, nonetheless.  After their performance, Adam makes a pretty funny speech, including the quote "gay, straight and Guttenberg" and ending in "God bless America."

And now, we find out the results of the Ballroom Kids competition!  Brandon and Brittany are the first-ever junior champions.  Members of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders present them with their special trophies.  Brandon, like, wets himself with happiness.

Priscilla Presley and Louis van Amstel take the stage to reprise their tango.  Oh, I missed Louis.  He's so cute.  Priscilla still looks like she can't form facial expressions on her own, but she is still in really good shape for such an old dame.

The next segment is dedicated to the beautiful bromance that is Cristian and Jason's friendship.  It's kind of sweet how close they have gotten.  I love when dudes love each other.

And let us now welcome back Marlee Matlin and Fabian Sanchez, performing their mambo.  Marlee looks a tad rusty at dancing, but it's still amazing to watch her dance knowing that she can't hear a damn thing.

Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough dance their quickstep.  This was a good performance of theirs, but I really wish they decided to do their Viennese waltz instead.  That one was so great.  After their performance, Shannon drapes herself over Tom, as Samantha tries to stutter out a question about Shannon's romance with Derek.

Mario and Karina take the stage to do their great mambo.  Mario is so good at the Latin styles.  I hope Karina doesn't roll her eyes, though.

Marissa Jaret Winokur and the perennially bare-chested Tony Dovolani take the floor.

Usher is back.  This time, he performs a special arrangement of "Yeah," created especially for the Dancing with the Stars season finale.  Usher's dancers and the Dancing pros hit the stage during the live musical performance.  It's a very jazzy arrangement and everyone is dressed in their '40s best with bowties and fedora hats.  I love it!

Is it time yet?  Yes!  I think Kristi and Jason are going to perform soon!  Kristi and Mark goes first, and they do their jive, which I so love.  Yay, Mark is wearing his nerd glasses again too.  Kristi is just so good.  Every step is so precise and, not only that, her whole demeanor is so fun and playful.  I'd be really surprised if she doesn't win.  Len praises Kristi for being the most consistent performer in all of Dancing with the Stars.  Bruno and Carrie Ann also have nothing but high praise.  And the scores: triple 10s again!  Wow!  They have a 30 tonight, and a 90 out of 90 when combined with last night's scores.  Unprecedented!

Jason and Edyta perform next.  They dance the quickstep from week 2.  Wow, watching it, you can really see how much he's improved over these many weeks.  He's so smooth and has great posture.  You could hardly tell that he is 230 pounds.  Bruno loves it, deeming it his best performance ever.  The scores: woah, another triple 10.  Jason's first perfect 30.  He has 81 out of 90, combined with last night's scores.

However, don't forget that the judges scores only count for half of the total.  We still don't know how the audience voted last night.

And now, with only six minutes left in Dancing with the Stars season 6, we will find out who is the champion.  The winners are [dramatic pause] Kristi Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas!!!  Awesome!  As if there were any contest, really!  Kristi and Mark are the most deserving couple of the season, hands down.  Tom Bergeron awards them with the mirror ball trophy as Jason and Cristian hoist Kristi up on their shoulders.  Good season!

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