Dancing with the Stars 5/14 Recap
Dancing with the Stars 5/14 Recap
It’s the semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars, with the couples allowed to choose their own ballroom and Latin dances. Len says it’s clear that the best four have made it to this point, and the judges are expecting greatness.

First up are ApoloJulianne, who’ve chosen the quickstep and the cha cha, the first two dances they performed together, so they can show how far Apolo’s come since then. Apolo hopes for six tens tonight. They quickstep, and Len says he expected it to be good, but it was fantastic. Bruno says “the Apolo Express is off on a magic ride,” and he thought it was excellent. Carrie Ann thanks them for setting the standard high for the night, and calls it “perfect.” It’s perfect indeed, as all three judges give them tens.

Ian & Cheryl plan to jive & tango, and bring in a life coach to help Ian show his enjoyment more. He says he’s made a breakthrough, and Cheryl agrees, saying she feels like she’s dancing with a whole new Ian. They tango, and Bruno says “the demon inside is starting to come out,” but complains about Ian’s footwork. Carrie Ann feels that they “went out of focus” in the middle, but it was still very good. Len doesn’t know what the other two judges are looking at, as he thinks it was their best dance ever, “right on the money.” Len gives them a ten, along with nines from Carrie Ann and Bruno.

Laila & Maks choose the same dances as Apolo & Julianne, the quickstep and the jive. They quickstep and the Dancing with the Stars judges call it amazing, great, and a winner. Tens all around for Laila & Maks.

Joey & Kym put last week’s audience score behind them and work on entertaining the fans by performing at Disneyland. (Joey’s going to be joining the Dancing with the Stars road show this summer; clearly he’s got what the audience wants.) They foxtrot, and Len says that while he felt it had a bit of razzmatazz, they blended it perfectly with ballroom. Bruno was enchanted and compared them to movie stars of the forties. Carrie Ann says they’ve “won the ballroom round, hands down.” Tens all around for Joey & Kym.

Tom Bergeron and the judges comment that they can’t remember semifinals at this level before. Len goes to everyone’s rehearsals and gives tips for the Latin round. He advises Ian to make his kicks sharper, tells Apolo to turn out his toes more, and has Laila work on her arms a bit. Joey is advised further on how not to let his butt stick out.

First up in the Latin round, Apolo & Julianne cha cha cha. Bruno says they’re like a shot of adrenaline, and Carrie Ann says they sold it, and it was “the sexiest cha cha ever.” Len, however, found it “too raunchy,” with “not enough cha cha cha.” Two tens and a nine.

Ian & Cheryl jive, with Ian wearing an Elvis wig. Carrie Ann says “Hallelujah! Finally!” calling their jive “incredible.” Len says maybe he should always wear a wig, and that “tonight you did it.” Bruno says he’s not sure if Ian patterned himself on Sanjaya or Liberace, “but you have done it.” Ian & Cheryl get three tens for the first time.

Laila & Maks return to cha cha cha. Len says her arms are much better, and that they won him over with the butterfly (which Laila & Maks explain backstage that they taught Len when he visited their rehearsals.) Bruno says Laila is a knockout, “always Miss Fascination.” Carrie Ann says “Len’s right, your technique really shows through.” Yet another perfect score for Laila & Maks.

Joey & Kym finish off the night with a jive, and Joey leaps off the judges’ desk to start them off. Bruno says Joey has “more flash than Vegas and more tricks than Houdini!” Carrie Ann thought it was fantastic, and Len says “You’ve got something that everyone’s got, but yours is bigger…personality!” A second perfect score for Joey & Kym.

Judges’ scores:
Joey Fatone & Kym Johnson: 30 + 30 = 60
Laila Ali & Maksim Chmerkovskiy,: 30 + 30 = 60
Apolo Anton Ohno & Julianne Hough: 30 + 29 = 59
Ian Ziering & Cheryl Burke: 28 + 30 = 58

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