Dancing with the Stars 5: Top 10 Results Recap
Dancing with the Stars 5: Top 10 Results Recap
Dancing with the Stars third elimination results show was somewhat anti-climatic in tone.  There is still no lacking of amazement for how the producers are able to get with five seconds worth of information.   The elimination this week is especially murky, perhaps more than it should be.   With Wayne Newton perhaps the longest lasting completely awful competitor, and the top tiers in total flux, who will be sent home is difficult thing to predict.  With yesterday's scores, the only thing certain is that nothing is.

The musical guests for the hour are Seal and Billy Ray Cyrus and his offspring Miley.  Thankfully, the elder Cyrus will be singing and not dancing, even if he was the paradoxical ‘best of the worst' last season, managing to dangle in the Dancing with the Stars competition by the iron thread of his enormous fan base.

As far as the musical guests are concerned, Billy Ray actual outshined Seal.  Seal was great, and is a phenomenal artist, but he seemed to be getting too much volume into his monitor or something, because he really seemed hesitant to project his voice.  In short, I was sort of hoping Chris Sligh would come out and take his microphone away during “Kiss From a Rose.”

Dancing wise, it was a great show.  Jennie Garth and Derek Hough encored and it was even better the second time.  There is little doubt that Garth has reestablished her self as a force to reckon with.  The more I watch footage of the ‘the slip,' though, the more I think that Derek also may have made a slightly rookie mistake in his own recover.  Not that I could have done better, but I'm just saying.

The saves went from predictable to surprising.  At the end of the night, I think a Floyd Mayweather and Wayne Newton bottom two was absolutely expected.  I have to admit that I expected Wayne's legion of cronies to keep him in the contest for another week, but I was wrong.  Newton  was finally sent packing.  Probably the funniest exit ever as the producers picked Daniel Powter's “Bad Day” as Wayne's exit song.  Cry out to American Idol?  Shame on you Dancing with the Stars.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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