Dancing with the Stars 5 Recap - Marie Osmond Collapses
Dancing with the Stars 5 Recap - Marie Osmond Collapses
Dancing with the Stars' competition episode got off to a terrifying start when celebrity competitor Marie Osmond collapsed following a spirited Samba.   Osmond, who turned 48 this month, went limp and fell to the ground while receiving feedback on her dance from the judges.  The mother of nine children has demonstrated a high level of fitness up until this point in the program, but admitted after the incident to suffering black outs before.  Aside from the fact that Osmond and partner Jonathon Roberts were the lowest scoring duo of the evening, it is hard to imagine that ABC will not ask Osmond to step down and circumvent the voting results from this evening.

The show cut quickly to commercial after the collapse and Osmond was back on her feet again to receive the score backstage when the show returned.  It would be a huge stretch to say she looked all right, though.  She seemed groggy and distant, barely reacting to the score.

Kym Johnson and Mark Cuban follow up with a ‘fun' number.  The lead-in footage shows Mark Cuban really strong-arming Kym on the style of choreography and ultimately getting what he wants.   The result is an uneven performance that snares the pair a 21, tying them with Osmond for last.

In third place for the evening is Helio Castroneves and Julianne Hough.  They perform an ultra sexy Rumba, but the timing is way off.  The dance is too fast, to be sure, and because of that the more flirtatious moments don't have time to really sink in.  The pair bring back a 23 for Fifth place.

Jennie Garth and Derek Hough continue their streak with a solid fourth place for their Samba, scoring a cool 25.

Cameron Mathison and Jane Seymour tie for third with Rumbas.  Seymour was without a doubt the strongest performer of the too, but Mathison's partner, Edyta Sliwinska, is an expert at selling the heat.

Sabrina and Mark are Dancing with the Stars royalty at this point, having snagged the first 30 of the season last week.  They go for the Rumba, which Sabrina is not very hot about, and that lack of confidence costs them a point from tying first place, coming in at 28.

Top spot belongs to Melanie Brown and Maksim.  They rule the floor with a flawless Samba that electrifies the judges.  During the training clips we see that Melanie's ‘tude has returned, at one point causing Maksim to give up and walk out on his partner.  They were in the bottom two last week, but this week the judges give them the top billing with a nearly perfect 29.  Will the judges glowing review help them avoid the red light of doom tomorrow?  Return and find out when we recap the Dancing with the Stars results show live.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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