Dancing with the Stars 4.8 recap
Dancing with the Stars 4.8 recap
Only one week until the semi-finals on Dancing with the Stars. Who’s left? Tom Bergeron says it’s the showman, the fighter, the perfectionist, the Olympian, and the crazy bear.

First up tonight are Ian & Cheryl with a foxtrot. Ian’s pleased with last week’s performance. Cheryl has a birthday, and they have a food fight with the cake. Cheryl says they’re going to bring out their chemistry “like no one’s seen before.” Ian thinks that maybe he and Cheryl are peaking at just the right time. But Len says they’ve “taken a bit of a dip,” and that it was “skippy & hoppy.” Bruno agrees, and calls Ian a “jumping goat.” Carrie Ann says his footwork was off, but that Ian brought a lot of exuberance and charm to the dance. They score two sevens and an eight.
Joey Kym Joey Fatone says he is “confident but not cocky.” Joey & Kym plan to do a “straight-up waltz” after Len criticized their “razzle-dazzle” last week. “No messing around.” Well, where’s the fun in that? Bruno says he likes the razzle-dazzle, and they should “stick to what you do best.” Carrie Ann agrees, saying this was “missing the Joey special.” But they did this to win Len over – and it worked; he says they had elegance and beauty. Two nines and a ten for Joey & Kym.

Billy Ray KarinaBilly Ray & Karina foxtrot. Billy Ray lets Karina handle the choreography this time. Billy Ray pines for an eight, but that doesn’t seem likely. Carrie Ann marvels that he’s still in the competition at all, and says he’s come a long way but his technique isn’t up to it. Bruno interjects that there isn’t any (technique.) Len says there were all the rights steps, but at all the wrong times. Bruno isn’t finished, and says Billy Ray is “always deliciously awful,” and that this one was “the foxtrot on the temple of doom.” Also that it was “terrible” and “crap.” Billy Ray says this is the pot calling the kettle black. Billy Ray & Karina get a seven, a six, and a five.

Laila MaksLaila’s parents are in the audience tonight; Laila & Maks dedicate their waltz to Laila’s dad, and she hopes it will make her dad smile. The Dancing with the Stars judges certainly smile, giving them nines all round. Len says things like “poignant,” “class,” and “elegance,” but criticizes Laila’s posture a bit. Bruno says “now we are in business,” though he also tells her to watch the posture. Carrie Ann says Laila brought true and profound emotion to the dance.

Apolo JulianneApolo & Julianne are training “harder than ever” after last week’s slip from the top spot, and Apolo says sometimes you have to get knocked down to come back stronger. He loves a challenge to overcome, and certainly does with the tango. Bruno says there was “a lightning storm in the pampas” and that he is finally excited. Carrie Ann says it’s fantastic, and completely in sync. Len disagrees, saying it lacked passion and drama. The judges squabble over this, as the audience boos. Len tells Julianne that it was too hectic for a tango. Len gives them an eight, but the other two give them tens. There’s some confusion because the computer recorded Carrie Ann as scoring them a nine, but they get that sorted out.

Ian CherylIan & Cheryl return for a rumba. Carrie Ann thinks “the passion’s not authentic,” and Len says that the hip action was great, but the whole thing didn’t seem natural. (I am just amused that what they’re picking on seems to be his acting.) Bruno loved it, though, and gives them a nine to go with eights from the other two.

Joey KymJoey & Kym mambo. Len likes that they danced “on the second beat,” which I don’t understand what it means but is apparently good. Bruno says they’ve “pimped the mambo” and he liked it. Carrie Ann says he’s “so at ease” on the dance floor, but clearly still working hard to get better every time. Two tens and a nine for Joey & Kym.

Billy Ray, KarinaBilly Ray & Karina mambo as well. (But not actually “as well.”) Bruno continues to upset Billy Ray (who thinks Bruno’s been “too rude”) by calling him “a wild beast that cannot be tamed.” Carrie Ann says it’s good that his performance on  Dancing with the Stars makes regular people think that they could dance too. Len says he’s “always entertaining” but isn’t pulling off two dances with content, and that he “went a little berserk there.” Two sevens and a six – no eight for Billy Ray.

Laila MaksLaila & Maks jive. Carrie Ann says it was “really really good” but reminds Laila to watch her arms. Len complains to Maks about the intro, saying it needs more dance content. Bruno agrees, saying Laila is everything you could wish for, and Maks should use everything she’s got. They score two nines and an eight.

Apolo JulianneApolo & Julianne round off the night with a perfect paso doble. Len says it had passion, drama, and everything. “That was a proper dance.” Bruno says Apolo’s a champion looking at the finish line and “going for the kill.” Carrie Ann agrees that it was fabulous, and they score tens all round, finishing off the night with the only perfect score.

Tom Bergeron concludes by saying there’s only four places in the semi-finals of Dancing with the Stars, and that “Billy ray has left the building.” Gee, suspense much? The question is, who’ll be in the bottom two with Billy Ray? Going by the judges’s scores alone, it looks like Ian.

Apolo & Julianne: 28 + 30 = 58
Joey & Kym: 26 + 29 = 55
Laila & Maks: 27 + 26 = 53
Ian & Cheryl: 22 + 25 = 47
Billy Ray & Karina: 18 + 20 = 38

-Mel, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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