Dancing with the Stars 4.5 Recap: A Fall and a Perfect Score
Dancing with the Stars 4.5 Recap: A Fall and a Perfect Score
Tonight's Dancing with the Stars brought two long-awaited events this season: someone finally scored all tens, and someone (by which I mean Heather Mills) finally fell down.

Tonight's dances were the samba and the rhumba. Tom Bergeron points out  we're at the halfway point and no men have been sent home so far.

First up are Ian & Cheryl. Ian says in rehearsals that the samba is "really hard," and Cheryl seems upset and goes off to pout. But they pull it together, and score all eights from the judges. Len says they're competent, but not knocking his socks off. Bruno compares Ian to a powertool, or something. I keep forgetting to turn the captions on and I never quite get what Bruno is saying. Carrie Ann says that Ian could be the best on the dance floor, if he's stop underestimating himself.

Clyde & Elena. Oh, poor Clyde. He's been in China, and Elena's tagging along to try to rehearse. He walks through the rhumba. Bruno says it's a rhumba under an anaesthetic. Carrie Ann says he's the worst dancer in the competition, and that their lift broke the rules, as well. Len says he thinks a little better of them than the others, but he still wasn't good. They only score two fours and a five. Elena says the lift wasn't supposed to happen, Clyde's just too tall.

Heather & Jonathan are up next, and we are subjected to Jonathan getting his chest waxed. Ew. Their samba is okay, and Heather's leg is on display today. And then at the end, she tries to strike a pose and falls! It's very exciting. Okay, maybe only to me. Carrie Ann seems to feel this is just one more reminder that Heather is "amazing" and says she dances like nobody's watching. The judges all give them sevens.

Joey & Kym, superstars of last week. As usual, Kym can't get Joey to get serious in rehearsals. Joey feels he won't be great at the rhumba because it's too slow. He does okay though, scoring a nine and two eights. Len says he's renaming him "Have a Go Joe" but that he seemed too "feminine" which Carrie Ann agrees with, saying he's not being subtle enough.

John & Edyta think the judges were taunting them last week. Instead of actually rehearsing, they dress up, first with John in his Scottish marching band kilt and then in Carnivale outfits. Their samba is not quite right, but the judges are kind, saying he's captured the spirit of it and having fun. They give him sixes all round; John says he made up some of the steps out there and doesn't seem too surprised at their score.

Laila & Maks are up next, and Laila is pleased with the rhumba. They play up a whole jealousy thing with Laila's fiancé Curtis. The judges love Laila, saying it's her best performance yet. Two nines and a ten!

Apolo & Julianne
: she says she's sick of being in second and third place, and wants to win. Apolo apparently responds well to this, as they samba into first place with a perfect score, the first of the season. The crowd gives them a standing ovation, and Carrie Ann says it's "perfection."

Billy Ray & Karina look a little bummed to be following this performance, as well they should. Karina is concerned that Billy Ray won't be able to show romance & passion in the rhumba, and she's right. He thinks it's a dance you'd want to do "in the dark." The judges try to come up with something nice to say, but fail, and give them two sixes and a five. Billy Ray seems pretty convinced he's going home tomorrow.

Is he? I'm sure not voting for him. (Actually, I usually forget to vote.) Personally, I agree with Jon: Clyde's probably going home this week.

Judges' Scores:

Apolo & Julianne - 30
Laila & Maks - 28
Joey & Kym - 25
Ian & Cheryl – 24
Heather & Jonathan – 21
John & Edyta – 18
Billy Ray & Karina - 17
Clyde & Elena – 13

-Mel Harris, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Photo courtesy of ABC