Dancing With the Stars 4/3 Results
Dancing With the Stars 4/3 Results
Tonight's bottom two on Dancing With the Stars proved what I told you yesterday,  the on-air voting by the judges is completely inconsequential  this season.  This is of no concern for the enjoyment of the show, for sure.  Dancing With the Stars survives quite well without the kind of polarization that happens on shows like, say, American Idol.   What surprises me is that the discrepancy between the viewer vote and the on air judges is so visible this go around.  Big surprises for Dancing With the Stars' casual viewers who put a lot of value in the judges scoring.

When the suspense portion of the bottom two reveal was over, it looked nothing like the scoring predicted last night.   None of the lowest scoring couples were in danger, none.  In fact, one of the couples was tied for first place yesterday, which came as a surprise... to everybody but me.

I really couldn't believe that Leeza and Tony made it to the top.  Personally, I had them at the bottom through their entire set.  It was lifeless and morose, colored with painted smiles that strained against nervousness.  It was neither fun, nor sincere.  Yet somehow, Leeza and Tony arrived higher than my favorite pair of the night, Apolo and Julianna.  I echo my compatriot Mel here, whatever the judges were smoking, they were drawing off the wrong end.

Shandi and Brian were the first couple to be put in the bottom two tonight, and were also the couple to be taken out of the competition.  This didn't surprise me, really.  The talent and beauty was there, they just didn't work together.  This has been a problem for this couple since day one.  Shandi in particular was a singularity in the contest, seeming to be coasting solo most of the night waiting for her cue to brush up against Brian before going back into her own world. 

It's a pity really, they weren't the worst by a long shot.  I personally would have sent Leeza or Clyde home before Shandi, but it really doesn't matter.    Unless Shandi magically connected with the intimacy that is so crucial to winning this contest, she wouldn't have stood a chance anyways.  Might as well get it over with now.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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