Dancing With the Stars - 4.3 Quick Thoughts
Dancing With the Stars is back with the remaining ten performances.  After last week's upset, all bets are off as far as the judging goes so a wise viewer is just along for the Dancing With the Stars ride.  The judging has never been my favorite part of this competition, its all about what's going on out on the dance floor. So let's get to it...
  • Shandi and Brian look fantastic, especially Shandi, but spend entirely too much time away from each other.  As such, it was difficult to accept them as a couple, more like a couple of dancers who met up once and a while.  Not Impressive.
  • John and Edyta.  I take back what I said about Ratzenberger NOT being this year's Jerry Springer.  He basically let Edyta carry his immobility.  Where is the sincerity this week John?
  • Clyde and Elena.  Yuck.  Clyde was moving more, which was good, but he was overly conscious of Elena, which gave their set a sort of creepy feeling.  On the dancing side things seem to be improving.  Who knows, maybe this leering issue has been there all along and I just didn’t notice it.
  • Laila and Maksim.  Again, again, again… who is the teacher here?  It’s so hard to tell!  I mean, obviously Maksim’s moves show the most refinement but Laila is throwing confidence like a knock out punch.  She will absolutely, in my opinion, make the final three and could win this thing.
  • Apolo and Julianne.  A number full of synchronization mixed with some great, perfectly timed reciprocal moves.  On a technical level its as good as anything so far tonight, chemistry wise it is off the chart.  I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t some backstage action brewing between these two.
  • Joey and Kym.  Okay, the fun is gone, and so are Joey’s chances.  He avoided looking like a big lug by sticking to just having a good time,  tonight looked like a big lug who was having trouble keeping his hands off his partner.  I think he actually stepped on her foot a couple of times.
  • Ian and Cheryl.  Ian is bringing it this week.  I got tired of hearing about Ian’s butt shaking training in the lead up, and the pay-off was just as boring, for me at least (maybe my wife liked it?)   But overall you have to be impressed with Ian’s dedication and delivery.  Well done.
  • Leeza and Tony.  Stiff and graceless.  This was easily the most out of place performance of the night.  Again there is conciliatory praise from the judges, but lets face it,  barring a miracle Leeza is out of here.  I loved it, when it was over.
  • Heather and Jonathan.   The flip worked so well last week they just had to do it again, which of course means it was just contrived this time around.  The biggest threat to Heather is the more capably she appears, the less she is going to be able to rely on the mercy vote.  Mean to say, I know, but we speak the truth here.
  • Billy Ray and Karina.  We’re back to the uninvolved Billy Ray of the premiere, not good!  A step back at this point could kill him off.  The scoring wasn’t horrible, but showed the dreaded backslide.

There is a four way tie for top scores, Leeza, Joey, Heather, and Ian.  In the bottom, John and Clyde.  I don’t understand the scoring tonight,  to me it doesn’t make sense and judging from the way the voting went last week most Americans agree.  Who will go home?  Tune in tomorrow for our predictions and the results.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(Photo © Copyright 2007 ABC / Carol Kaelson)