Dancing With the Stars 4/24 Quick Thoughts
Dancing With the Stars has yet to reach the point where it gets hard to call the final couples.  It was pretty obvious after last night that we would see John, Heather, and possibly Billy Ray in the bottom two.  With the sharper tongues starting to emerge from the judging table, how much impact is the scoring having now on the at home voting?  You'll recall in the beginning of the season there was a huge disparity between the judges and the voting audiences at home, is that still the case for Dancing With the Stars?

From the beginning, the safe were very obvious, and occasionally surprising.  I was very surprised not to see Ian saved early on,  not so surprised at all to see Ali, Apolo, and Joey get saved, they earned it, but Ian I expected to be more towards the middle.  It looked for a moment that his stiffness had landed him closer to the bottom.

In assembling the finale two, the first to go under the red Glow was John and Edyta, again there is no surprise here.  Joining them would be either Ian, Billy Ray, or Heather.  Ian is predictably let off the hook, as is Billy Ray, meaning that either Heather or John are going home tonight.

Well, I said I wasn't comparing John to Springer, but now I am in at least one regard:  he has lasted much longer than he deserves to.  Heather is sent home and John goes on for another week.  There can be little, and I mean very little, doubt that John will go home next week, but for this week at least he is safe.

Surprisingly, Heather had a speech prepared, it was really just a list of thank yous and she promised to get her partner a good job. In my opinion, Heather did way too much jet setting during the competition.  She was not nearly as focused on staying put and doing well.  So while I was shocked to see her go in John's place, it was as good a time as any to face the inevitable.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image from ABC)