Dancing With the Stars 4/23 Quick Thoughts
This week's Dancing With the Stars was a real shock for me.  First there was the talk of ‘Male Menopause’ in response to a tiff between Len and Bruno, then there was the surprisingly mechanical performance from Ian and Cheryl, a couple that was previously a favorite in my book.

Heather Mills made a slightly more graceful recovery from her fall last week, but was obviously playing it safe.  It paid off.  Last week's fall proved that the audience is handicapping her, if one of the other couples had suffered such a slip they would have been in the bottom.  So while I understand Heather’s reigning in to prevent a repeat incident, I don’t think being less daring is what she wants to do.

Joey and Kym were fantastic as usual, there is a saccharine quality to the sweetness here and the chemistry has a forced vibe that makes it feel a little creepy.  Maybe its because regardless of his boy band background, you just can’t see a guy like Joey having a shot at Kym.  Yes I understand that doesn’t matter, but it is part of the illusory beauty of the show.  People respond to chemistry.

On that note, Apolo and Julianne, whose set inspired the row that led to the ‘male menopause’ comment, were fantastic, but to some degree over the top.  Can there be too much chemistry?  Nah.  But the physicality betrayed their set of elegance.  Still my favorites to win, but dial back the animal like thrashing of bodies a little to keep Dancing With the Stars off the soft core porn racks.

Ian and Cheryl were a surprising pain to watch.  It was boring, stiff, and the expressions were painted on with watercolors.   I have been saying Ian was on the cusp of brilliance in the contest for the past couple of weeks, this was a move towards the opposite poll. Self conscious, out of sync, and zero sex appeal.  Some will argue, I’m sure, but this was their worst set ever and just because of the distance they fell from their potential, I would put them in the bottom.  Just for a wakeup call though, there is no way they are going home.

John and Edyta, however, are done.  In the beginning, John seemed to competent to fill the old-guy underdog slot founded by Jerry Springer.  Despite the fact that he can, indeed, dance circles around Springer there is simply no dynamic there for people to remember. In his defense, Edyta makes no attempt whatsoever to feather the edge between her and John.  Instead, she goes full bore and the result is exactly what you would expect to see:  a professional dancing circles around an old dude.  Check back tomorrow for the results.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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