'Dancing with the Stars' 11: Who's Your Pre-Season Favorite? Let's Vote!
'Dancing with the Stars' 11: Who's Your Pre-Season Favorite? Let's Vote!
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
We're mere weeks away from seeing what Bristol Palin looks like on the ballroom floor (My prediction: A baby Kate Gosselin), and whether Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino can keep his shirt on long enough to learn the steps of a salsa routine. (My prediction: Barely.)

Meet the cast of stars on Dancing with the Stars season 11

So while the "stars"--as so many of you would have me wrap that term in air-quotes this season--and their pro partners (see all the pairings in their official cast photos here) begin their harrowing practice schedule (see some of them rehearsing already!) in preparation for their first televised routine on Monday, September 20 at 8pm on ABC, we must make our own mental preparations for the premiere, by placing our bets and pledging our allegiances.

In that spirit, I ask you these all-important questions, Dancing with the Stars fans:

  • Who's your pre-season favorite?
  • Who do you think will win?
  • Who do you think will be the first to go?

Cast your votes for each category in the polls below, and shout out any other predictions or thoughts about the cast in the comments!

No, I don't have a prize for the person who correctly guesses the first eliminated star and final winner, unless you count ETERNAL GLORY as a prize. (Which I do. But I watched a lot of Highlander as a kid.)

Anyway, not to bias you too much--not that it should, since my predictions are rarely, if ever, correct--but here's where I stand:

Pre-season favorite: Jennifer Grey. "I carried a watermelon." That is all.
Going to win it all: Brandy or Rick Fox. First of all, they're genuine stars with past athletic, public performance and dancing skills. So take their mass appeal, plus their partners' (Maks and Cheryl) ass appeal (eww, yuck, sorry, but you know what I mean)--and you've for the recipe for a champion. I just can't decide which one.
First to go home: Kyle Massey. His star shines the dimmest in this cast of characters, and I doubt even the die-hard Lacey Schwimmer fans will be able to keep from calling his dancing "so not Raven."

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