Cheryl Burke Reacts to Former 'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller's Prison Sentence
Cheryl Burke Reacts to Former 'Dance Moms' Star Abby Lee Miller's Prison Sentence
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Dancing with the Stars pro dancer Cheryl Burke is taking the reins on Dance Moms following the exit of instructor Abby Lee Miller, who was officially charged for bankruptcy fraud and has been sentenced to a year and one day in a federal prison. According to the 38-year-old, not only have things been going great since she took over the reality show for season 8, she also claims the moms aren't that affected by Miller's situation.

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"The girls are so precious, and I feel like they are traumatized from what has happened with Abby, and it's important for me to still be strict and do what I do," Burke told Us Weekly. "I expect nothing but the best from the girls, but it's also important for me to make them feel confident about themselves because they are all beautiful and talented." 

"We wrapped a couple weeks ago, but I think the girls are trying to focus on them[selves]. I know the moms are not sad about it!" she continued.

Burke's statement about the moms' sentiment towards Miller isn't really surprising considering there have been previous reports about the cast and crew distancing themselves from Miller.
Miller also told Us Weekly that no one from the original Dance Moms cast has reached out to her in regard to her prison sentence. 

"Nobody original from the show [has reached out to me]," the 50-year-old reality star said. "You know, they've made a lot of money over the years and not a peep! And no one from the production company, no way." 

While Burke will be stern with the girls on Dance Moms, her approach is very different from Miller's tough love. "My mom was a crazy dance mom herself, and the hardest part is to separate from yourself," she explained. "If the moms want to be there on the couch talking and gossiping, then that's fine, but they can't just barge into my room. They have to ask for permission." 

Burke also admits that it hasn't been easy dealing with the moms, who can be dramatic at times. "They just get on my nerves sometimes," she said. "They just need to stay in their lane." 

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