Can Kelly Osbourne Win 'Dancing with the Stars'?
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Judging from the scores and the averages, it looks like Mya's going to be a runaway winner on Dancing with the Stars this season. With the elimination of Joanna Krupa, can either of the two remaining celebs stand up to Little Miss Perfect and at least give everyone a good show? Let's assess Kelly Osbourne's chances.

Can Mya Lose?
Can Donny Win?

Average: 23.9 (5th)
Best dance: Quickstep (Semis) - 27, Cha-cha-cha (Semis) - 27
Worst dance: Tango (Week 2) - 19


Fan base - Kelly is by no means the best dancer left in contention on Dancing with the Stars. As arguable and subjective as this may be, the judges' scores confirm it. And because of this, it's easy to figure out that Kelly has a stable enough fan base to have made it this far, or at least far more stable than Joanna Krupa and Aaron Carter (if he's got any to begin with).

Empathy - At this stage, it's easy to figure out that people had voted for Kelly not because she's the best, but because, out of the three, she appears to be one with the least dancing experience prior to DWTS. Sure, she's a performer, too, but not in the same scale as Donny Osmond or Mya. On the other hand, Mya is perceived to have undue advantage because of experience, something that some people think violates the very premise of Dancing with the Stars.

Some dancing skill/likability - Let's also remember that Kelly wowed everyone in the kick-off week, because she was surprisingly likable and relatively lithe. The judges may have had negative comments about her dancing, but if only for her spirit and charm and smile, they all rooted for her. She also seems to do better in sort of gimmicky dances. Remember her paso doble which she danced to Ozzy's Crazy Train?


Dancing skill - It's important to note that prior to this week's semifinals, Kelly Osbourne hasn't gotten a score higher than 26. She scored her season best 27 in two of her routines this week. Mya, meanwhile, after the first week, scored 27s and 28s all throughout. That's how far Kelly has to catch up if she even wants to remotely competitive with Mya. And let's face it. Popularity can even get you so far. If the averages were to be the basis, Mya will eat her alive in the finals.

Sharon Osbourne -  Of course, she shouldn't be liable for the tactless words of her mother, but Sharon is always there, reminding everyone that they're related, and she's not exactly the most popular person in America today. Just saying.

However, it seems to be a long shot. If someone's going to win Dancing with the Stars this season via popularity, it ain't Kelly Osbourne.

- Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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