Can Donny Osmond Win 'Dancing with the Stars?'
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Donny Osmond. The lone guy remaining. Mr. Personality. Showbiz legend. Can his winning smile, mainstream popularity, and acceptable dancing skills trump Mya's potentially annoying perfection to emerge Dancing with the Stars champion?

Can Mya Lose?
Can Kelly Win?

Average: 24.5 (3rd)
Best dance: Argentine Tango (Week 5) - 29
Worst dance: Foxtrot (Week 1) - 20


Exceeding expectations - Donny has the ability to surprise everyone. That much we can tell. In fact, he's already breached everyone's expectations by lasting this long, being of advanced age as he is (he's 51) and competing with much younger guys. Dancing the very fast-paced jitterbug in week 6, for instance, he was up to the task and in fact tied Mya and Dmitry Chaplin's score in their very own jitterbug.

True showman - He also exemplifies the best showmanship among the three. If, to cite, all three had a major error in their routine, expect Donny to cover it up the best. Once or twice, he was able to do so this season, although the judges' eagle eyes are really hard to deceive. That being said, he's in element when he's doing theatrical numbers or dances that tell a story, such as the Charleston in week 4 or the Argentine tango in week 6 respectively.

Huge fan base - Dancing with the Stars introduces him as "showbiz legend" because his fans probably span several generations. And it's not hard to understand, since he is fond of playing it up with the crowd, joking around, and doing everything to entertain people. Who can forget that Bruno kiss after that airy-fairy comment in week 3?

Chemistry with Kym - Donny is a funny man, and Kym is obviously a doting partner. The two's chemistry can be a major advantage, especially if they have to perform something intense and intimate.


Airy fairy -  Donny is not good in all types of dances, unlike Mya, so he can't slug it off with her in that department (obviously). Lately, however, he's been improving in the slow ballroom dances, with his posture and footwork.

Pressure -  As a long-time performer, it's obvious that Donny puts an enormous amount of pressure on himself to do well. And if he doesn't deliver, he becomes his harshest critic. This becomes a problem when the dance is supposed to be fun and he's supposed to relax, but he can't.

Can Donny Osmond win Dancing with the Stars? Let's just say he has better chances than Kelly. But it would still take a lot to beat Mya. In the end, who knows?

- Glenn L. Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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